United States of America, Washington Half Dollar 1982 Silver Proof

In 1982 the United States Government again honoured their first President, George Washington. This time it was on a commemorative Half Dollar. Don’t forget he was already on the quarter and the dollar bill, so this was his third attempt at numismatic immortality. You have George riding his horse on one side and Mount Vernon, his home, on the reverse. This was the first commemorative half dollar since 1954. They are struck in 900 fine Silver. and are in Proof condition. It has been a little while since we were last able to offer this important commemorative coin. Even in America, the supply seems to be drying up...
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United States of America, Mercury Silver Dime 1940-1945

US Mercury Silver Dime 1940-1945. We have just bought a hoard of United States Silver Mercury Dimes or 10 Cent pieces all dated 1940-1945. They are struck in 900 fine Silver and in Fine or better condition. The dealer selected them from lots that came in over the years. These World War II silver coins are one of the most beautiful coins that America has ever issued. They are nicer than usual and we have most dates and mint marks in stock, so the more you order the more different coins we will be able to give you. You are getting a chance on this fabulous hoard.
Picture of United States of America,  Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar Various Dates Silver Fine

United States of America, Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar Various Dates Silver Fine

In 1916 the United States Mint changed over from the Barber Quarter to the Liberty Standing Quarter. Unfortunately, the designer used a more European model of Liberty with one of her breasts exposed. It caused a scandal and uproar. After all, you couldn’t have bare breasts being shown on your coins. After all, no one had ever seen a bare breast, unless they were feeding their child or you had seen classical sculpture or painting or you had … So in 1917 this design was changed and the offending breast was covered up. The Standing Liberty Quarter was issued until 1930. All of our coins are of the non offending kind, mainly because they are better value. All coins are in Fine condition and it is one of America’s most beautiful silver coins. Dates will be of our choice, but all coins are nice examples in Fine condition and struck in .900 fine Silver.

United States of America, Proof Set 1972

After the killing of President Kennedy, the United States Half Dollar was changed from Benjamin Franklin to John F. Kennedy. It has continued that way ever since. The American coins are really a gallery of past Presidents, the 1 Cent has Lincoln, 5 Cents Thomas Jefferson, 10 Cent Franklin Roosevelt, 25 Cents George Washington and 50 Cents John F. Kennedy. We offer the complete 1972 United States Proof Set in the plastic display case, as issued by the United States Mint. We sell the Half Dollar on its own £8.95, so we think this set is a of good buy.