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Charles III 2022 Memorial Sovereign Proof_obv

Charles III, Sovereign (Memorial) 2022 Proof

The first Charles III Sovereign struck in Proof has been long sold out by the Royal Mint. We got in quite some time ago put down our money and were able to buy 100 pieces, the mintage is only 17,500. One of the so-called marketing companies are advertising this coin for £1,199! Coincraft – Britain’s Coin Shop is selling the very same coin, but our price is only £790, while our small supply lasts. Coincraft has been in business for 68 years and some of our collectors have been with us for 50 years, we must be doing something right. We strongly recommend this first-ever Charles III Proof Gold Sovereign. We sell nothing as an investment, but at our price, they are good value!
Guernsey £20 P58 Haines Unc_main

Guernsey £20 P58 Haines Unc

A brand new catalogue of Guernsey notes has just been issued so what better time to offer a selection of Uncirculated Guernsey notes to our collectors!. On offer this issue are examples of the £5, £10 and £20 (P56-57) A mature facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is to the right on the fronts alongside a vignette of important buildings to be found on the island- The Town Church in St Peter Port, Elizabeth College and St James Concert Hall .Incredibly, the first time Her Majesty’s portrait appeared on Guernsey notes was only in 1996 On the backs, more important buildings are featured- the Hanois Lighthouse and Fort Grey, St Sampson’s Church, Les Niaux Watermill and Le Trepied Dolmen. All in all, a wonderful selection to add to your collection of Guernsey or even to start one!

Monaco, 1 Franc, 1924. Choice BU (KM.111)

A one year type coin in choice brilliant uncirculated condition.

St. Helena, 2013 25 Pence (St. George Crown)

The tiny island of St. Helena, where Napoleon died, has honoured St. George slaying the dragon, with a beautiful Sterling Silver Proof crown. This was originally designed by Pistrucci for the new coinage of George III in 1818. It is still being used on our Gold Sovereigns today. They issued a crownsized 25 Pence in 2013 with H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and St. George slaying the dragon on the reverse. To make it even more impressive they have highlighted the Sterling Silver Proof St. George and the dragon crown, in gold. Each choice Proof coin comes in a protective capsule. But supplies are very limited on a Rare and most impressive coin. I think the price is also impressive. Today the mints would charge about £80-£85 for this coin, but NOT Coincraft. We bought them right, we sell them right.

Illyrian Silver Drachm

In about 600 B.C. the Greek city of Corinth sent colonists up the coast to Illyria (which roughly corresponds to the modern Balkans) to create a city for trade. These Greek colonists prospered and spread but by the 3rd Century B.C. they needed the Romans to stop the Ardiaei pirates from plundering their cities & trade routes. This lead to three Illyrian Wars between 229-168 B.C. and after this the area came under Roman protection. From about 200 B.C. two cities in the area, Apollonia & Dyrrachium (Epidamnos) started to mint these Greek silver drachm coins for use in trade. On the obverse they a fertility symbol of a cow suckling a calf. On the reverse a double geometric pattern which scholars think is a schematic representation of the two stars of the Dioscuri. They grade Very Fine and continued to be struck until the arrival of Julius Caesar in 48 B.C. stopped the production. These will make great additions to any collection or an exciting present!
Unknown Mauritania 1000 ouguiya  1981 P3D Uncirculated

Unknown Mauritania 1000 ouguiya 1981 P3D Uncirculated

This handsome 1000 ouguiya note dated 1981 from Mauritania has a catalogue reference but until very recently it was only known as a Specimen (P3D).That all changed after a dealer friend unearthed these on a visit to the country. They are a wonderful find and we were delighted to be able to purchase Uncirculated examples to offer to our collectors. It was printed in Germany but for some reason was never issued for circulation. The front has a portrait of an old man while on the back there are vignettes of a camel and palm tree, a mine head and men in a field. A stunning addition for your collection!
Picture of Belgium, Triangular World War I Commemorative Medal

Belgium, Triangular World War I Commemorative Medal

A triangular-shaped commemorative World War I medal, with a soldier wearing a helmet. The medal has a Red, orange and black ribbon.
Qunduz 2 Dinar Fine_obv

Qunduz 2 Dinar Fine

Qunduz (Kunduz) is one of the 34 provinces of modern day Afghanistan and borders on what is now Tajikistan. These low denomination 2 dinar coins were issued under Khusraw Shah, who was once Governor of Qunduz under the Timurid Empire, but he later declared himself Emir in 1497 and reigned until his death in 1505. On the obverse of the coin is a deer facing left, while on the reverse a 3-line legend within a diamond shaped border. These circulated coins are now over 500 years old and very hard to find.

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