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George III 1787 Shilling Uncirculated_obv

George III 1787 Shilling Uncirculated

When the first convicts were sent to Australia both they and the sailors had some coins with them. Amongst those coins were the George III 1787 Shilling. These coins are now known in Australia as ‘Proclamation Coins’ and highly collected in Australia. Most interesting coins to add to your collection, this design was only issued for one year 1787 and we have a small number in Unciculated condition.
G M Gill Pictorial £50 B356 Crisp AU/Unc

G M Gill Pictorial £50 B356 Crisp AU/Unc

The design for this £50 note was unveiled in 1981 when Somerset was Chief Cashier and it was declared a masterpiece of design. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in State Robes adorns the front while on the back we find a portrait of Sir Christopher Wren and his own masterpiece, St Paul’s Cathedral, viewed from the River Thames. Our St Paul’s £50 notes are signed by G M Gill who followed Somerset as Chief Cashier (B356) As time passes, these are proving more and more elusive. We are delighted to offer Crisp examples at AU/Unc.

Victoria, Halfarthing Very Fine

The copper Half Farthing of Queen Victoria is a most unusual coin. They only made them in copper and most were used overseas, but they were of course legal tender and used in this country. We recently bought an old dealers hoard of these coins, most are dated 1844 or 1843 and they are in Very Fine condition. We last bought a hoard about ten years ago and this new hoard was very timely, as we had almost run out of them. They are not a coin that you can just go out and buy a quantity when you need it, they are not easy to get. This coin has always been one of my favourite denomination, a Half Farthing just sounds so unusual. The last time this denomination was used was under Queen Victoria and they were only struck in the early part of her reign, when the coins were copper and not bronze.
Edward I, Farthing VG_obv

Edward I, Farthing VG

The farthing marked the start of a revolutionary coinage reform by Edward I. Until this time, the penny was the smallest denomination. Low value transactions could be conducted using pennies cut into halves or quarters. The act of cutting pennies into quarters or fourths was how the word Farthing or “fourthing” came about. These silver farthings were introduced by Edward I during the recoinage of 1279. They brought about the end of the practice of cutting coins into halves and quarters. The old coinage and the use of pennies cut into farthings remained legal tender until they were demonitised in August 1280. These coins were the smallest silver coins of the early medieval period and were well circulated and are now over 700 years old, and they are much scarcer than the Pennies.
Kings of Cappadocia. Ariobarzanes III. 52-42 B.C., AR Drachm_obv

Kings of Cappadocia. Ariobarzanes III. 52-42 B.C., AR Drachm.

Kings of Cappadocia. Ariobarzanes III. 52-42 B.C., AR Drachm. Diademed head of Ariobarzanes III right / Athena standing to left holding Nike, spear & resting on a shield. About Very Fine.
Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Medal Set_Main

Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Medal Set

We have just had these sets come in which were made to mark the remembrance of the 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. They were made a few years ago but we have only just managed to get them. There are five medals in the set which come in a nice presentation case, they each have The USS Arizona Memorial on one side with the text USS ARIZONA BB-39. This memorial is built across the ship’s remains which lies at the bottom of Pearl Harbor, and is dedicated to the 1,177 officers and crewmen who perished on that day. The other side of each medal carries a scene from the Pearl Harbor attack on 7 December 1941.
RBS £1 1943 Brown H/1 A Unc_main

RBS £1 1943 Brown H/1 A Unc

These £1 notes issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland in 1943 are now 70 years old and they are in spectacular condition grading a Crisp A Unc condition .(P322) They are signed by T Brown as the Chief Accountant with the 1st of March 1943 being the fi rst date his signature appeared on this £1 note design. All our notes have the very first prefix for this variety H/1 which along with their condition makes this little group even more special. They catalogue £90 each in EF condition in the current Scottish catalogue but these are A Unc! An opportunity to add a wartime Scottish £1 note in spectacular condition to your collection.
Picture of Edward I, Penny (Newcastle Mint) 1272-1307

Edward I, Penny (Newcastle Mint) 1272-1307

Edward I, 1272-1307, Penny, Newcastle Mint. Rev. VILL ANO VICA STRI

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