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Coincraft is a family-run business established in 1955. We have one of the oldest coin shops in the UK and we are the only coin specialist company still owned by the family who started the business. Visit our knowledgeable team of coin experts by the British Museum!

As one of the oldest Numismatic Dealers in the UK, we possess a large stock quantity of banknotes and coins for sale. You can find our items in our shop, website, and in our FREE publication, the Phoenix.

We are one of the most reputable British coin dealers in the UK, as well as one of the largest dealers in London and in the UK. As such, we are constantly buying coins. Please visit our shop if you wish to sell your coins.

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Million Pound Note

Million Pound Note

You now have it within your power to make someone an instant millionaire! The Million Pound Note featured in the 1954 Gregory Peck film of the same name. He had the use of a Million Pound Note for 1 month and as no-one could change it, people were more than willing to extend him credit. These Million Pound notes are a limited edition taken from the original props used for the film. They measure approximately 8” x 5” and comes in a special window envelope with a story card included. £10.95 each.
Sasanian Empire, Ṭabarestān, Phraates I, Silver Half Dirham_obv

Sasanian Empire, Ṭabarestān, Phraates I, Silver Half Dirham

When the Arabs conquered Iran, one small pocket of resistance held out in the mountains of Ṭabarestān, led by a governor of the province, a Sasanian prince. The area was named after the Tapurians who had been deported there by the Parthian king Phraates I and was famous for its silk fabrics. In the early 8th century (711-712), they began issuing these distinctive coins like those of the Sasanians but with half the weight. The coins have a portrait of a Sasanian emperor, to the right of the portrait is a ruler or governor’s name written in Pahlavi script. On the reverse there is a Zoroastrian fire altar with attendants on either side. Zoroastrianism was the first religion known to be practised in western Asiatic history. At the far left is the year of issue expressed in words, and at the right is the place of minting, TPWRSTʾN (Ṭabarestān). These coins are now around 1250 years old and are in wonderful condition.
King Charles III 2023 £2 Royal Coat of Arms Choice BU_obv

Charles III, £2 (Royal Coat of Arms) 2023 Choice BU

We have just had in our allocation of the 2023 issue of the Royal Coat of Arms silver £2. But, most importantly they are the first of the series to feature our New King Charles III. They have the normal Royal Coat of Arms on the reverse with the date above and for the first time King Charles III on the obverse. These are early strikes and Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. They have used the cross hatched background on both sides. These are early strike beautiful coins. They costly slightly more, but quality counts… The Mint had sold out in days and we had to go to another source to get these, we believe the mintage is just 150,00 rather than the usual one million they usually make.
Guernsey German Occupation £1 VG Condition

Guernsey German Occupation Overprinted £1 Very Good

The Channel Islands were the only part of British territory occupied by the Germans in World War II. The local residents in Guernsey wanted to issue small denomination notes for change as all metal coins had long disappeared from circulation. The Germans only allowed these small notes to be issued if the locals put up the equivalent in English Pounds. A total of 5000 £1 notes were taken from the vaults and overprinted 'Withdrawn from Circulation' so they could not be used by anyone, not even their German occupiers! A number of different types were taken from the bank that day but the ones we have on offer now are the Peppiatt pre-War issue of which there were a total of 1,885 surviving (B239A). All the serial numbers in the hoard which came to light over 20 years ago have been recorded and they are scarce. Very limited availability and an important part of our numismatic history.
Severus Alexander AR Denarius, Rev. Mars_obv

Severus Alexander AR Denarius, Rev. Mars

Severus Alexander, AD 222-235, AR Denarius. Obverse: Laureate and draped bust of Alexander facing to right. Reverse: P M TR P VI COS II P P, Mars walking right with spear and trophy. [RIC 61, RSC 305] Near Mint with much lustre.
G M Gill Pictorial £50 B356 Crisp AU/Unc

G M Gill Pictorial £50 B356 Crisp AU/Unc

The design for this £50 note was unveiled in 1981 when Somerset was Chief Cashier and it was declared a masterpiece of design. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in State Robes adorns the front while on the back we find a portrait of Sir Christopher Wren and his own masterpiece, St Paul’s Cathedral, viewed from the River Thames. Our St Paul’s £50 notes are signed by G M Gill who followed Somerset as Chief Cashier (B356) As time passes, these are proving more and more elusive. We are delighted to offer Crisp examples at AU/Unc.
Calabria, Tarentum, AR Nomos. Circa 281-270 BC_obv

Calabria, Tarentum, AR Nomos. Circa 281-270 BC

Calabria, Tarentum, AR Nomos, Circa 281-270 BC. Si- and Deinokrates, magistrates. Obv. Nude rider on horseback to right, holding lance in right hand and shield with two javelins in left; ΣΙ in right field, ΔEINOKPATHΣ below. Rev Taras astride dolphin to left, holding small dolphin; ΤΑΡΑΣ behind. (Vlasto 692-3) 7.90g, 22mm. Good Extremely Fine, nicely toned and well centred on both sides. A very attrative example.

George II, Halfcrown (Roses) 1745 About EF

George II (1727-60), Halfcrown 1745, Old draped bust left, roses in angles on reverse.

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