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George V, 1927 Wreath Crown Proof_obv

George V, Crown (Wreath) 1927 Proof

Near FDC with the faintest hairlines to the obverse. Mintage: 15,030.
J B Page Portrait £10 B326  Unc

J B Page Portrait £10 B326 Unc

We are delighted to offer choice examples of the J B Page Portrait £10 issued in 1971(B326) The fronts have a youthful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with a lion astride the back trailing a ribbon from its mouth. Choice examples of the last Portrait £10 before it was replaced a mere 4 years later in 1975.
Wilkinson 1/2d Token Vulcan at Forge VF_obv

Wilkinson 1/2d Token Vulcan at Forge VF

We have another copper token, this time issued by John ‘Iron Mad’ Wilkinson. John Wilkinson was born in 1728, the son of Isaac Wilkinson, a furnace worker. John also worked at the foundry and learned from an early age the science of working with metals. He rose through the ranks up to the management of a number of ironworks until he eventually entered into partnerships with his own furnaces in various locations in Shropshire where he was also one of the main driving forces in the building of the famous Iron Bridge over the river Severn at Broseley. He, too, saw the opportunities from issuing his own tokens to use as a form of payment but also for self-advertising. So much so, he even had his own portrait stamped on the coins with the words JOHN WILKINSON, IRON MASTER. He issued three main types of token and we can offer two of them here, they both have his effigy on the obverse and on the reverse a different forge scene.
Constans II 40 Nummi Constantinople VG-Fine_obv

Constans II 40 Nummi Constantinople VG-Fine

Born in 630 A.D., Constans II became the Byzantine Emperor at the tender age of 11, reigning from 641 to 668 A.D. Despite his youth, he confronted a myriad of challenges, including conflicts with the Arab Caliphate and internal strife within the empire. In an endeavour to evade persistent threats from the Arab Caliphate, Constans II made the significant decision to relocate the capital from Constantinople to Syracuse. Notable for his initiatives to fortify the Byzantine military and his contributions to architecture, Constans II’s reign came to a tragic end in 668 A.D. when he was assassinated during a rebellion orchestrated by his chamberlain. We are offering these 40 Nummi struck in Constantinople on irregular shaped flans showing a beardless Constans on the obverse and a large M on the reverse, all have a sandy/earth patina, and they come in VG-Fine grade and are very reasonably priced.
Irish, Complete Penny Collection 1928-1968_obv

Irish, Complete Penny Collection 1928-1968

Thanks to Peter we are able to offer the complete collection of Irish Pennies 1928-1968, from the Irish Free State (later the Irish Republic) and Eire. It includes the scarce and rare dates including the 1940. There are a total of 21 different dates, as on a number of years no Pennies were minted, from the very beginning until Ireland went over to the Euro. We have a very limited number of collections in stock, the Penny is highly collected, especially in the United States and they are not easy to get. To make it even better the 1968 (the last year of issue) will be in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The other coins will be in Fine or better condition. This is the first time we have been able to offer the complete date, collection and there might not be another chance. Again please be aware that you will receive all pennies issued over this period but some years no pennies were minted.
Picture of George V, Silver Jubilee Medal 1935

George V, Silver Jubilee Medal 1935

The official silver medal issued for the King's Silver Jubilee in 1935. Extremely Fine condition.
Barbados 5-20 Dollars 2022 Polymer P-New Unc

Barbados 5-20 Dollars 2022 Polymer P-New Unc

Barbados has decided to go all polymer. We can now offer an Uncirculated set comprising the 5, 10 & 20 dollar values (P-New) This makes a particularly colourful set printed in the vertical format. Famous sons of Barbados feature on the front while the back depicts local landmarks such as the Parliament Building, The Oval Cricket Ground, and the Charles Duncan O’Neal Bridge. Uncirculated New Barbados Polymer Trio.
Achaean League Silver Hemidrachm Good Fine_obv

Achaean League Silver Hemidrachm Good Fine

The Achaean League was originally formed in the 5th Century B.C. but collapsed soon after. When it was reformed around 280 B.C. it quickly grew to include nearly every state in the Peloponnese, except Sparta. It was formed to defend the small states against the larger empires, namely Macedon in the north. Over time the League grew more powerful, defeated Sparta and ruled the whole of the Peloponnese but changed its allegiance to Rome. Sadly for them this eventually lead to Rome gaining domination over all Greece and disbanding the League in all but name in 146 B.C. with the coins continuing until 30 B.C. What makes the League so interesting is that it was a very early example of Federalism, a system where central government shares power with regional governments. It was from the writings of Polybius, a Greek historian who was a roman hostage, that we know about the workings of the League. This influenced many modern state founders, chiefly the founding fathers of the United States of America! We have a small group of the Silver Hemidrachm made by the states in the League between 280 and 30 B.C. They have Zeus on the obverse with the Leagues monogram on the reverse. Each coin comes identified as to which state struck it and at what time. These Hemidrachm grade at least Good Fine and we have priced them to please in these times.

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