Privacy notice

Privacy and Security First

At Coincraft we like to think that our clients come first. That also goes for their personal details. That is why we take every possible precaution imaginable to safeguard these details.

When you use our web site and go into the shopping cart area, you are routed over a secure communications line to our server (you can check this by checking the small padlock is closed).

For many web sites with a security kite mark, that is where security stops. But hackers could still try and break into the server where your details are stored to try and get at your details while they are being processed.

Not with Coincraft. Your details are also safeguarded by a raft of security measures while they are being processed and temporarily filed. These measures are tested periodically by Trustwave, to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards for payments across the internet.

And to make sure that your personal details can never fall into the wrong hands we only keep them on file for the very short period it takes us to process your order. The moment your order is processed your details are immediately deleted. The only information we keep on file are your order number, your name, your city and, if you provided these, your telephone number and e-mail address.