Conditions of Use

1. Our Website

We operate a secure website so you can be sure that this information as well as your personal details will be safe.

2. Heavy Items

Heavy items such as books and large quantities of coins often attract extra shipping charges. If these are not explicitly included in the price we will always contact you to advise you of these costs before we ship.

3. A note on the images

To give you the best possible feel for what we have on offer we always try to include a clear picture with every item for sale. This picture often does not represent the actual size of the item and this is because our website adapts to the size of your screen, and therefore so will the image of the coin. It is impossible for us at this moment to have an actual size image of a coin and have a website that adapts to your screen.

3.1 Photography is representative of the coin supplied

Whenever you see this notice in one of our items please know that you will not receive the coin on the picture, you will receive an example of the coin advertised on the product description. Usually the product description for these items will also include a small story about what was happening in the Empire/Kingdom during the time in which they were made. Or even some of the history of the Emperor King or Queen who had them minted. But please know, that we will send you the best example we have available, at the time your order was placed, of the type, denomination and grade of the coin you ordered.

4. Reserving items for collection in person

If you want to reserve something that you have seen on the website and collect and pay in our shop, please contact us so that we can unpublish the item and have it ready for you when you come into the shop, otherwise it may sell to someone else. Alternatively you can purchase the item on our website and opt to collect the item in the shop.