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Roman Coins

The early Roman Coinage of the Republic consisted of a system of weights (Aes Grave) issued before 280 B.C. These Bronze ingots or bars had designs on both sides and were most likely exchangeable by weight.

As Rome expanded and started to trade with other city-states, the Romans realised that to facilitate trade they would need to have silver coins as well as struck bronzes.

During the time of the republic, the Romans took inspiration from the Ancient Greeks and heavily featured mythology on their coins. Many interesting Roman coins were made during this period. Examples are the silver denarii depicting Rome’s founders Romulus and Remus being suckled by a she-wolf, as well as the denarius featuring Hercules strangling the Nemean lion on the reverse.

In Imperial times, coins became symbols of power and were used to disseminate the Emperor’s image across the empire as having god-like status.

Julius Caesar was the first living Roman to issue coins bearing his own portrait. This act shocked the senate who considered it to be an extreme act of arrogance on Caesar's part, as only gods and kings were featured on coins. Later his great-nephew Octavian (Augustus) adopted the idea, and so did all the Roman emperors that came after him. All of them have had their portraits immortalised on coins.

Roman coinage lasted for eight centuries, so there are a number of ways to collect them. Some collectors attempt to have a coin for every Emperor, while many others may choose a particular point in history to focus on. Some will also attempt to have every single issue of a particular denomination for one Emperor.

As there are many ways to collect, we have chosen to present our stock in the easiest way possible and divide our ancient Roman coins into Roman Silver Coins (Roman Republic Coins and Roman Imperial Coins) and Roman Bronze Coins. Our coins have also been tagged according to the dynasty an emperor belongs to.

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We provide genuine Roman coins to collectors in the UK and worldwide. Although our stock of Roman Coins has limited availability, contrary to many companies ‘selling coins’ online, we own the stock presented on the product pages. You won’t receive the usual ‘sourced to order’ message from us. But please be aware that some of the photography is representative of the coins supplied.

Also, please remember that we do not sell coins for investment. In other words, we will not try to provide you with “investment advice” over the phone or by any other means.

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Choice Constantine London Treasure_obv

Choice Constantine London Treasure

Constantine the Great 307-337 AD - treasure trove roman bronze coin with London Mint Mark.
Identifying Roman Coins by Reece & James_obv

Identifying Roman Coins by Reece & James

Get the best book for beginners in Roman Coins, many collectors have started identifying Roman Coins using this book! It is a step by step guide teaching basic techniques to be able to identify the time period and denomination with clear illustrations.
Picture of Roman Emperors Starter Collection (6 Coins)

Roman Emperors Starter Collection (6 Coins)

Not sure how to start collecting ancient Roman coins? We have tried to make things easy for you! This collection spans a 125 year period from A.D. 253 to A.D. 378, an era which saw the mighty Roman Empire recover from the edge of decline and disaster back to glory and grandeur. These bronze coins will comprise the emperors Gallienus, Constantine the Great, Constans, Valentinian, Constantius II and Valens. This means the coins will be at least 1640 years old! Each coin will be in nice collectable condition and clearly identifiable with a well-defined portrait of the emperor who issued it. These coins were minted and circulated across the Empire, each will come with an information sheet containing a short history of the emperor. Start collecting ancient Roman coins today with this set, or offer it to your favourite ancient history buff! The coins are not mounted onto the cards, they are supplied in individual envelopes marked with the emperors' name.
Roman Republic. 80 B.C. - C. Poblicius Q.f. Rome. AR Serratus Denarius_obv

Roman Republic. 80 B.C. - C. Poblicius Q.f. Rome. AR Serratus Denarius.

Roman Republic. 80 B.C. - C. Poblicius Q.f. Rome. AR Serratus Denarius. Obv. Helmeted bust of Roma facing right ROMA behind. Rev. Hercules standing left, strangling Nemean Lion; club at feet, bow & quiver left, 'C POBLICI Q F'. Good Extremely Fine, well centred with beautiful old cabinet tone. Struck at the beginning of the Sertorian War.
Septimius Severus Silver Denarius Very Fine_obv

Septimius Severus Silver Denarius Very Fine

Septimius Severus was Roman Emperor from AD 193-211. In AD 208 he travelled to Britain to strengthen Hadrian’s Wall and went on to invade Scotland that same year but his plans were cut short when he became ill and died in York in AD 211. We have a few silver denarius in Very Fine Condition minted during his reign. There are different types but all have his portrait on the obverse, and usually a standing or seated figure on the reverse. PHOTOGRAPH IS REPRESENTATIVE OF COIN SUPPLIED.

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