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On this page, you’ll find a selection of American Coins put together especially for US Coin Collectors and World Coin Collectors.

But why buy and collect American Coins?

For a country not yet over 250 years old, the US certainly has seen its share of important historical events that shaped the country as a nation and influenced the course of world history.

The Americans started minting coins in 1792, and since the country became independent from the British Empire it has had 45 presidents. Originally, American presidents weren’t featured on coins. However, this changed 1909 when Lincoln became the first president featured on a circulating coin. From Abraham Lincoln to Donald J. Trump there are now plenty of coins featuring the portrait of an American president. That means that there are now more than enough Presidents to start a ‘Presidents of the United States Coin Collection’.

But that’s not all folks! US coins also have plenty of interesting iconographies. You’ll often find the symbols that we all associate with the United States, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Bald Eagle on coins. And if you like conspiracy theories, word has it that US money contains secret signs from the Freemasonry and/or the Illuminati. The 1792 half-dime, for example, one of the first American coins ever struck, had The Eye of Providence on its obverse: a symbol often linked to Freemasonry.

Last but not least, if you like westerns have a look at our selection of Morgan Silver Dollars. This was the coin used in the old west day in day out. Plus, its name comes from its British engraver: George T. Morgan. The Americans brought him over from the UK especially to help them mint beautiful coins.

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Picture of United States of America, 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine

United States of America, 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Very Fine

The Morgan silver dollar is named after its British engraver George Morgan. They stopped making them in 1904, but for some reason they made them again in 1921, the same year they made the Peace Dollar for the first time. The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars are very different than the previous issue. The relief is much lower and even from a distance, you can quickly see the difference. They are struck in 900 fine silver and as stated are a one-year-only type coin. They are the last ever Morgan Silver Dollar. On offer here is a circulated example of this one-year type coin.
Picture of United States of America, 1986 Statue of Liberty Dollar & Half Dollar Proof

United States of America, 1986 Statue of Liberty Dollar & Half Dollar Proof

The United States celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty in 1986 with two coins, the Silver Dollar and the nickel Half Dollar. The Statue of Liberty, which sits in the New York Harbour, was a gift of the French people to commemorating the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution. You have two beautiful Proof coins that are now 32 years old. We are offering them for what the Dollar should sell for, so it is like you are getting the Half Dollars for free.
Picture of United States of America, Death of President Kennedy 1963-2013 50th Anniversary Set

United States of America, Death of President Kennedy 1963-2013 50th Anniversary Set

In November 1963 President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas. Most of us who are old enough to have been alive at the time remember exactly where we were when we first heard of the killing. Coincraft have issued a unique memento of this man and of his successes. We have kept the price very low in order to make this set accessible to as many collectors as possible. This set is to honour a great man and not to make a lot of money. This collection is only available from Coincraft and it makes an excellent gift to people who remember Kennedy and coin collectors all over the world. There are two unique Kennedy Half Dollars, both legal tender and both capable of being used as real money, rather than the non circulating legal tender coins that most mints issue today. The first is a one year type coin issued for America’s bi-centennial and it is in Proof condition, the finest quality available. The second coin is dated 2013 and was issued to honour the 50th anniversary of his death. The collection also includes a United States Kennedy stamp that has actually been used. The package includes details for what Kennedy did, such as founded the Peace Corps, launched the Moon race and fought for civil rights. There is also a fascinating list of the similarities between the killing of Kennedy and President Lincoln. The collection is priced at just £9.95 and is priced to be given as a gift.
Rugged Americans

United States of America, Rugged American Collection

A friend of ours was cleaning out one of his warehouses and came across a quantity of this important collection. It was issued by the Canadian company ‘Husky Self Service Stations’ in 1970. They were struck by the famous, but no longer making coins, Franklin Mint. Each copper medallion depicts a famous figure from the old West and the collection comes with a booklet telling you who each one is and what they did. Plus a presentation card for displaying the whole collection. Each medallion is still in the original cellophane envelope that it was issued in. You get an eight-page information booklet which not only tells you about the person on the medallion but also an image of how they looked. Plus, a 4-page leaflet telling you about the issue of these medallions. Finally, a full-colour cardboard display card to mount and show off the entire collection of 13 pieces. The ‘cowboys’ depicted are Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Kit Carson, Bat Masterson, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark. The Native Americans depicted are Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Black Hawk, Sacajawea, and Crazy Horse. There are a total of 13 different bronze medallions all in pristine, unopened, new condition. And remember this set is 47 years old! We offer the complete set with a display card and information booklet for only £24.50! But there is a limit of 2 sets per order. After all, at this price, they are a gift and they make great gifts! Don’t miss out on this one.

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