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Aldabra Islands Fantasy Set Polymer 50- 500 (6 Values)Young Queen Eliz

Aldabra Islands Fantasy Set Polymer 50- 500 (6 Values) Young Queen Elizabeth

A wonderful set of 6 polymer fantasy notes for the Aldabra Islands (Seychelles) The set includes 5 values – the 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, and 500 pounds values. The vertical design on the front features a charming portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as a young girl, reminiscent of her portrait on the 1935 Canada 20 dollars. On the back, in the more traditional horizontal format, various colourful birds native to the islands and including Macaws, are illustrated. A charming fantasy polymer set in Uncirculated.
Barbados 5-20 Dollars 2022 Polymer P-New Unc

Barbados 5-20 Dollars 2022 Polymer P-New Unc

Barbados has decided to go all polymer. We can now offer an Uncirculated set comprising the 5, 10 & 20 dollar values (P-New) This makes a particularly colourful set printed in the vertical format. Famous sons of Barbados feature on the front while the back depicts local landmarks such as the Parliament Building, The Oval Cricket Ground, and the Charles Duncan O’Neal Bridge. Uncirculated New Barbados Polymer Trio.
Picture of Belgium, Meulebeke, World War II Set of 4

Belgium, Meulebeke, World War II Set of 4

A scarce set of notes issued by the local authorities in Meulebeke, Belgium during World War II. The denominations are 1f, 5f, 10f and 20f and they are dated 11-6-1940. Each has the rubber stamp of the City on the back, when they were used they rubber stamped the name of the Burgemeester. They also have a pin hole in the centre which is from the spindle where they were put when redeemed. Without the signature and pin hole they were not valid. One set sold at an auction in Belgium recently for EUR300 (around £260). We had never seen them before but we managed to buy a small quantity of these notes recently and are able to offer them to our customers at a huge saving. They are very interesting notes and quite attractive given the circumstances under which they were printed. Get yours while stocks last.
Brazil 2-10 Reias Unc

Brazil 2-10 Reais Unc

A Crisp Uncirculated trio of notes from Brazil. Included are examples of the 2,5 and 10 reais. (P252-4) The fronts have a common design of an effigy of Republic while the backs feature animal and bird life – a marine turtle on the 2, the Great Egret on the 5, and the Greenwing Macaw on the 10 reais. Uncirculated.
Burma Japanese Occupation 1-100 Rupees (4 Values)  Fine-Unc

Burma Japanese Occupation 1-100 Rupees (4 Values) Fine-Unc

During the Second World War Burma was occupied by Japanese forces. During the occupation, special currency was printed headed with the words Japanese Government. These so called JIM notes (Japanese Invasion Money) was fairly crudely printed and lasted for the duration of the war. We offer a quartet of these invasion notes issued for Burma. Our set comprises the 1, 5, 10 and 100 rupees grading Fine Unc.
Burundi 500-10,000 Francs  2018-2021 (5) Unc

Burundi 500-10,000 Francs 2018-2021 (5) Unc

This wonderful colourful set comprises the complete denomination range for Burundi, a landlocked country which is also one of the smallest on the African continent. Our set, dated between 2018 and 2021, comprises 5 denominations ranging from the 500 francs up to the magnificent 10,000 francs (P51-54). The fronts all feature an outline map of the country with different vignettes inside the map of shipping, a banana grove, rice harvest, hills, and fronds. Illustrations on the backs include a coffee plant, long-horned cattle, a pineapple plant, drummers and dancers, and portraits of President Ndadaye and Prince Rwagasore alongside a crocodile, bird, antelope, wildebeest, and hippo. A wonderful colourful set from Burundi Uncirculated.
Picture of Cambodia, set of 3 x 100 riels. UNC

Cambodia, set of 3 x 100 riels. UNC

3 different 100 riel notes issued in the 1970's

Germany, 1935 Schatzanweilung Bonds X 6

We have bought a wonderful group of German bonds which are also great value!. The group comprises 6 A4 bonds which were issued in 1935. They were Treasury Bonds issued by the National Debt Office and with interest payable at 4 ½% per year. They have also been cancelled with a small punched hole at the bottom. Denominations in this set are the 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 reichsmark. In 1935 there were just over 12 marks to the pound so the face value when they were issued was the equivalent of £3,000.
Picture of Guinea Bissau 50-1000 Pesos 1990-3 (4) P10-13 Unc

Guinea Bissau 50-1000 Pesos 1990-3 (4) P10-13 Unc

Guinea Bissau lies between Guinea and Senegal on the ‘ bump’ of West Africa. A former Portuguese colony, Guinea Bissau issued currency in its own name until 1993. Then it became part of the West African States Monetary Union and abandoned banknotes in its own name. This quartet of notes in Crisp Uncirculated condition date from the 1990’s when Guinea Bissau still issued its own notes. Denominations included are the 50,100,500 and 1000 pesos (P10-13) A colourful Guinea Bissau Set.
Iran Bumper Set 13 Different Unc_obv

Iran Bumper Set 13 Different Unc

In the past, we have offered what we have called Bumper Sets of Iran banknotes- all great value. Well, a visitor from the Middle East who we haven’t seen for over 2 years because of the pandemic, arrived with a Bumper Bumper Set of Iranian banknotes and it’s even better value! The set he sold us comprises 13 different notes all in Uncirculated condition. The set ranges from the 100 to the 100,000 rials and includes recent issues where the government is preparing to revalue the currency 10,000 to 1 and call it tomans instead of rials. (P136-7,P140,P143-4, P146,P151-3, P155 and P-New) This is a fabulous set with 13 Crisp Uncirculated notes with many featuring the portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini whose followers toppled the Shah in 1978.
Picture of Jason Islands Set Unc

Jason Islands Set Unc

KBA Giori Flower Power Promotional Pair 2D Iris Large/Small Unc

KBA Giori Flower Power Promotional Pair 2D Iris Large/Small Unc

Security printers are known for producing notes that promote their work. This charming Flower Power Pair was produced in 2010 by KBA Giori to show off the high-performance registration offset printing on their Super Simultan IV machines. The 2D Iris recognition process was a big step in tackling counterfeits. The pair both feature daisy designs and are Uncirculated.

Mongolia 7 note set 1955 P28-34 Unc

We are delighted to offer a complete set of notes issued by Mongolia in 1955 (P28-34) This is one helluva set and one which we haven’t been able to offer our collectors for a very,verylong time. The set comprises 7 different values the 1,3,5,10,25,50,and 100 tugrik values all in Crisp Uncirculated. The design is quite simple with the Mongolian Coat of Arms to the left on the front and a portrait of Suhe-Bator to the right. He was a national hero and founder of the modern Mongolian People’s Republic.
Nepal Set 5-1000 Rupees 2019-20 (7 Values) Unc_obv

Nepal Set 5-1000 Rupees 2019-20 (7 Values) Unc

A complete denomination set from Nepal, a nation set in the shadow of the great Himalaya mountain range. Nepal abandoned its monarchy in 2008 replacing the King’s portrait on its banknotes with a view of Mount Everest. Our set comprises 7 values including the 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 rupees (P76& P-New/B287-93) The backs reference the wildlife found in Nepal including yaks, deer, snow leopard, rhino, tiger and elephants. A charming set in Crisp Uncirculated. Limited availability
Sierra Leone 1-20 Leones 2022 (5 values) P-New

Sierra Leone 1-20 Leones 2022 (5 values) P-New

Sierra Leone has just issued a new series of banknotes. Denominations have been revalued by 1000 to one and the size reduced. There are 5 values in this colourful set, the 1,2,5,10 and 20 leones (P-New) all dated 2022. The fronts feature portraits of Bai Bureh, Wallace Johnson. Sengbe Peih and Constance Cummings John. A dove also appears on the 10 leones. Illustrations on the backs include a cotton tree, students, a map, a dam. Satellite dish and bank building. All in all a colourful set at just.
Picture of Zimbabwe 2,5,10 & 20 Dollars  P-New Unc

Zimbabwe 2,5,10 & 20 Dollars P-New Unc

Zimbabwe began issuing notes again in 2019. So far just 4 denominations have been issued. It was almost impossible to source these notes but a dealer friend came up trumps a few weeks ago and we can offer this complete set at the very special price of just £11.50. Included are the 2,5 ,10 and 20 dollars. (P-New)The Matapos Rocks are featured on the fronts. The backs have illustrations of a flame, giraffe, wildebeest and an elephant with Victoria Falls as a backdrop. Crisp Uncirculated.
Zimbawe Set 3 20,000,50,000 & 100,000 Dollars 2008 P73-5 Unc

Zimbawe Set 3 20,000,50,000 & 100,000 Dollars 2008 P73-5 Unc

A trio of Uncirculated notes from the time Zimbabwe’s economy was in freefall as a result of rampant hyperinflation. The trio of notes comprises the 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000 dollar notes dated 2008 in Uncirculated (P73-5) The fronts all feature a view of the famous Matapos rocks while on the backs we find Victoria Falls, the Kariba Dam, a farmer, and miner, a wildebeest and an elephant depicted. Crisp Uncirculated Zimbabwe Thousands Trio.

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