Medieval Coins

Medieval coins are, as the name might suggest, coins minted during the period known as the middle ages. When did this period started and how long it lasted is an area of contention. Most historians seem to agree that the medieval period started with the fall of the Western Roman Empire, but there’s heated debate on when exactly did it end. Was it when Christopher Columbus reached the shores of the American continent in 1492 A.D.? Or did it end when the Renaissance started? Or maybe it began when the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) collapsed?

We will let you take your pick. We like to think that all of these factors have contributed to the sea change that occurred during this transitionary period. But since we are talking about coins, perhaps the most important transition (or at least the first step towards a very important transition) around this time to us, came about in 1561 A.D. As this is the date when the first milled coins were minted for the first time.

The Medieval coins presented below are divided into Coins of Medieval Europe, Africa and Asia span between the time period of 476 A.D. (fall of the Western Roman Empire) and 1561 A.D., when the first Milled coin was made by a European Kingdom (England).

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