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Lydians are widely credit as the first civilization to mint coins around the 7th century B.C. The Kingdom of Lydia existed from about 1200 BCE to 546 BCE and at its height, it covered all of western Anatolia. These Ancient Coins were made of electrum, an alloy of silver and gold. Since then, many other peoples and cultures have used coins as a form of payment. The first coins to appear in Greece were found under the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, produced by either the Lydians or Greek mercenaries. After Lydia was conquered by the Persians in 546 B.C., coins were introduced to the Persian Empire. Coins were then brought to India by the Achaemenid Empire and the successor kingdoms of Alexander the Great. By comparison, the Romans started minting coins rather late around the year 326 B.C.. Making them the last western ancient civilization to do so.

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