More new arrivals for the month of July! We are featuring the Silver Penny of King John Fine-Very Fine, King of England from 1199 until his death in 1216. He is remembered for disastrous and expensive wars with France and his greedy and tyrannical reign which resulted in a rebellion by the church leaders and barons of the day who resented the ever-increasing taxes to fund these wars.
Another week, another #Phoenix. The 601 edition has just arrived to our office. It will be with our customers on our mailing list by around Wednesday, 17th of July (depending on your postal service). Here's a sneak peek of what's on the front page for this issue - The Rare George VI 1937 Sovereign, one of the most sought after British gold coins amongst collectors, with a mintage of only 5,501 pieces, it is also one of the rarest in the Sovereign series.
The latest stock for July has arrived, featuring the Henry VI, Groat, Calais Mint, Good Fine. These are a group of nice silver groats, they were struck at Calais and are in Good Fine grade. It’s the first time these have ever been offered as a feature so make the most of this opportunity. Additionally, we have the Charles I Tower Mint Shilling, offered in two different conditions: Fine and Very Good. The Coinage issued during the reign of Charles I is one of the most varied and fascinating in English Numismatic history.
We have reached a significant milestone with the arrival of our 600th edition of the Phoenix! Since 1982, we have been numbering our publications, and now we proudly celebrate 600 issues of The Phoenix, along with 326 issues of The BlueCard Flyer and 266 issues of The Banknote Bulletin. Incredibly, this amounts to a staggering 19,376 pages of coins and banknotes available for purchase over the course of 42 years.
Summer has arrived, and with it comes a wave of excitement! We're delighted to unveil our latest additions to the June stock, meticulously curated to bring fresh and invigorating options to your collection. We are featuring the George IV, Bare Head Halfcrown Very Good, was only issued from 1824-1829, after all his was a very short reign of only ten years. For coin enthusiasts, the allure of this sterling silver piece lies not only in its limited issuance but also in the rich history it represents.
Coincraft is excited to announce the launch of its new video series, designed to bring the fascinating world of numismatics closer to enthusiasts and collectors. Richard, our esteemed founder, has set the stage with an engaging Introduction video that delves into the rich history and mission of Coincraft. His passion for numismatics is evident as he shares insights into the origins of the company and its commitment to offering exceptional coins and banknotes to collectors worldwide. Richard’s warm and knowledgeable presence sets a promising tone for this video series, ensuring viewers are well-acquainted with what Coincraft truly stands for. This initial video not only serves as a warm welcome to viewers but also sets the tone for what promises to be an enlightening and visually captivating series.
The latest stock for May has arrived, featuring the Richard I Silver Penny, available in two conditions: Very Good and Fine. The only coins from his rule are the shortcross pennies, which are rare due to his brief reign from 1189-1199. Additionally, we have the George IV Halfpenny, offered in three different conditions: Fair, Very Good, and Fine. These were minted in Copper for just three years (1825-1827), making them a rare find in many collections.
#ThePhoenix 598 is now in our office. It will be with our customers on our mailing list by around Wednesday, 15th May (depending on your postal service). Without giving away too much, featured on the front page is a Special Crown of James II notoriously difficult to find in high grade. James had one of the shortest reigns of any English monarch and the Crowns were only struck for 3 years (1686-88).
The latest stock is here! We are featuring the United Kingdom 2005 Silver Proof Piedfort Collection, which consists of four of the commemorative coins issued in 2005 struck in Sterling .925 Silver. They are housed in individual protective capsules in a plush green Royal Mint case with certificate.
The newest edition of the Phoenix(597) is here! Depending on your postal service, our collectors should have it by Wednesday, the 24th of April. Without giving away too much, this issue will contain the 1985 Cuban Souvenir Peso. For those who have a passion for truly unique treasures, we urge you not to overlook this exquisite collectible which is made from 22ct Gold Proof and it's rarity cannot be overstated - there are only five of these in existence.