Coin Update, a coin-collecting website providing news and information to collectors online, released an interview with Richard on 23 April 2019. In the article Richard talks about the shape of the secondary market and the lack of support coin collectors receive from the various national mints.
Coinweek reported on the launch of our new catalogue " Round the World in Banknotes" on 01 April 2019. The Catalogue is made up of highly collectible banknotes and it includes selections of vintage and some very recent banknotes issued by Central Banks. The 47 full-colour catalogue, compiled by our own senior Banknote specialist Claire Lobel, has offerings from almost every country in the world ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
When we placed a unique Henry III Double-penny up for sale online, Numismatic News was one of the first publications to announced it to the coin-collector community.
In October 2018, Coincraft celebrated its 50th anniversary of being in London. We had 182 people who helped us celebrate. Dealers came from all over the world and all over the United Kingdom. We appreciate the time effort and of course, the money that it cost them to be there. Mostly coin and banknote dealers came, along with some family and some special friends. Thank you all! We had people come from: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, India, Israel, Italy, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, The Netherlands, The United States and of course from all over the United Kingdom. And yes we did have a 7’6” Uncle Sam greeting you as you came in. Check out the video with all the photos!
A lot of changes happened in 2017: Phil and Isabelle joined us and we launched a new website (this website). Antiques Trade Gazette published a story about it...
On 31 October 2015, the Royal Mint launched a new £20 coin. They claimed that the coin would have a "lasting value", but when asked about the value of this new coin, Richard had a very different opinion...
Speaking to the Evening Standard, Richard shared his thoughts on the £5 commemorative coin issued for the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II by the Royal Mint in 2013.
At the start of 2012, many coin dealers were unsatisfied with the number of commemorative coins issued by The Royal Mint. The Independent interviewed Richard about it, here's what he had to say...