World Coins

Have you been to every country in the world? No...  we haven’t either but, whilst this might be a difficult endeavour, we do believe it is entirely possible to travel the entire world, past and present, through building a collection of World Coins. Owning a coin from every corner of the world seems feasible to us and that is why we created this page.

Here you’ll find coins from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, the New World and many more including some sets of coins. We have something for everyone in this selection, from Silver Dollars to Gold Écus not forgetting commemorative edition coins and coins for every collection including some wonderful Rare World Coins.

Visit the world coins by country via the dedicated pages on our site and visit the special offers page to see the best deals we currently have available. And if you collect coins from the US, don't forget to visit the United States of America Coins page.

Why collect World Coins?

For the important historical personalities featured in some of them. Figures that might possibly have ‘changed’ the course of history or at the very least have influenced it. Think Napoleon, Robert F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Simon Bolivar, or even Christopher Columbus. For the exotic and beautiful designs of some of the coins of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, or the more traditional designs (at least for us) of European coins.

You can even own coins struck in countries that no longer exist such as Rhodesia, West, and Eastern Germany, USSR, and Yugoslavia.

About us

Coincraft is a family-run company based in London providing collectors with British Coins,Ancient Coins, and other collectables. We do not sell anything as an investment.

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