Liberia 5-20 Dollars 2016-7 P31-3 Unc

A Trio of notes issued by Liberia. Dated between 2016 and 2017, our trio comprises the 5, 10, and 20 values (P31-3)/ The fronts are dominated by portraits of important citizens in the history of the country- Edward J Roye, Joseph J Roberts and William V S Tubman. Vignettes from daily life such as rubber tapping, the rice harvest and a market scene are on the backs.
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Yemen Arab Rep 200-1000 Rials (4 Values) 2017-8 P38-40 PNew Unc

Yemen Arab Rep 200-1000 Rials (4 Values) 2017-8 P38-40 PNew Unc

A particularly colourful set from the Yemen. It comprises 4 values dated 2017-8 in Crisp Uncirculated – the 100,200, 500 and 1000 rials (P38-40 & P-New) Illustrations on the fronts include Secotra Dragon Trees, Zabid Castle, the Sultan’s Palace in Seiyun, and the Al Mudhar Mosque. The back illustrations feature a terraced hillside, a hillside in Hauf National Park, the main gate of Sana’a and the Palace on the Rock at Wadi Dahr a set of 4.colourful Yemeni notes.
Picture of Zaire 10 Zaires 1977 P23b Unc

Zaire 10 Zaires 1977 P23b Unc

Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), started issuing its own banknotes in 1971 when the country changed its name from the Belgian Congo. From this first issue we are delighted to offer Uncirculated examples of the 10 zaires dated 1977 (P23) They are fairly large with a portrait of President Mobutu in military uniform shown on the front. The arms of the country appear in a frame on the back. Crisp A Unc.
Picture of Ivory Coast 1000 Francs P111 Unc

Ivory Coast 1000 Francs P111 Unc

Ivory Coast is part of the currency union of The West African States. This means that all the countries within that currency union issue the same banknotes. The addition of a suffix letter after the serial number then identifies which country that note was actually issued for. In the case of the Ivory Coast, the suffix letter used is A. These 1000 francs were issued over 20 years ago in 1999 (P111A) The front has a women in headscarf to the right with a vignette of dam building behind. The back has women carrying baskets to the right with carved masks to the left and a village on stilts over water in the background. Crisp A Uncirculated.