George III, Sixpence 1787 Very Fine

Before the Currency Reform Act of 1816 it was almost impossible to find a sixpence or shilling to use. Yes they did make a couple of dates but they are very expensive and very difficult to find. So these 1787 Sixpence are the only coins that you can find for your collection. They are struck in Sterling Silver. George III is dressed as a Roman Emperor on this coin, which look exactly the same except for their size difference. The reverses show the coat of arms of England, Ireland, France and Scotland. This Sixpence is far more important and difficult to get than most collectors realise. It was actually struck for the Bank of England to give out to their good customers at Christmas. Add one to your collection while you can… They were also used in Australia and are known there as Proclamation coins.
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In 2002 the British Post Offi ce issued a Special Souvenir Sheet for the Golden Jubilee of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II. On it was a photo of a brass threepence. This souvenir sheet catalogues £15.00 in used condition. But the ones we have on off er are on a large cover and cancelled on the First Day of Issue (FDC). There is a hole where the brass threepence goes and on the cover we saw the coin was literally cellotaped on to the cover. We just could not force ourselves to ruin the cover and the coin. So we are giving you the FDC cover with the Souvenir Sheet that catalogues £15.00 plus a 1967 Brass Threepence in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. What you do with the two items, is up to you. Our price for the First Day Cover and Brilliant Uncirculated Brass Threepence is just £7.95 which is about half the catalogue value of used stamps on their own. At Coincraft when we make a good buy, our collectors make a good buy.
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George VI Collection - Coins, banknote and stamp

We all admired the excellent award-winning movie, ‘The King’s Speech’ in 2010 which showed King George VI’s determination and strength. Now you can own original coins from the reign of George VI issued from 1937-1952, a Coronation Stamp issued in 1937 and a banknote issued just after World War II. You’ll receive the coins that were actually used during George VI’s reign: the bronze Farthing, Halfpenny and Penny, plus the brass Threepence, Silver Threepence and cupronickel Sixpence, Shilling, Florin and Half Crown. These are original, genuine coins and were actually used as money in the reign of King George VI. You also get an Uncirculated British Armed Forces 2nd series Pound issued by Command of the Army Council in 1948. To top it off, you get a Mint stamp issued in 1937 for George VI’s Coronation, issued and overprinted for use in British Morocco. This collection is exclusive to Coincraft. The entire collection comes in a presentation wallet loaded with interesting and historic information.