Coin Collecting Tips: James II Crowns

John Roettier continued as a chief engraver during the reign of James II. The short and eventful reign of James II was marked by a brief series of coinage spanning just three dates, with no rare varieties and no proofs or patterns.

Assembling a set of James II crowns in fine condition, either by date and variety or by type, should present only moderate difficulty, however, some of the varieties are quite rare in very fine or better. Many of the crowns of this series are weakly struck, especially at the top of the wreath on the obverse and at the date.

Consequently, very fine specimens may appear to be in a lower grade than they actually are. Adjustments marks are often seen on James II crowns. These marks appear similar to scratches and were caused by filing the coins before issue to ensure that the weight was correct.

This 1688/7 Crown with Quarto edge in About Very Fine/Very Fine is a scarce over date. It’s available now for purchase.




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