Milled Silver Coins

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James II, Crown 1688/7 AVF/VF_obv

James II, Crown 1688/7 AVF/VF

A very few dates issued, this is a scarce over date, Quarto edge, About Very Fine / Very Fine
1689 Halfcrown EF_obv

William & Mary, Halfcrown 1689

L over M in GVLIELMVS. Caul and interior frosted. Struck slightly off-centre, but nearly Extremely Fine and deeply toned.
1689-94. Tin Farthing, 1690. Peck 579_obv

William and Mary, Tin Farthing 1690. Peck 579.

William and Mary, 1689-94. Tin Farthing, 1690. Peck 579.