Victoria, Penny (Old Head) 1901 Unc

1901 Penny in Unc from the reign of Queen Victoria. Struck in Brilliant Unc condition.
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George V, Penny 1926 Fine

In the reign of King George V there were 2 different types of 1926 Pennies. The first type which this one is, and it’s the one you can afford. The second or modified bust is very rare and thus very expensive. You have the bust of George V on one side and a seated Britannia on the other side. The coins are in selected circulated condition, now 95 years old and the only 1926 Penny that you will ever be able to buy for your collection. Supplies are very limited.

Collection of 6 Proof Sacagawea US Dollars

Sacagawea was a Lemhi Shoeshone Indian born in 1788. She was an explorer and is best known for guiding Lewis and Clark on their mapping of the Louisiana Territory in the United States. At the time she was only 16 years old and it was because of her that we got to know so much about the territory that would eventually become states in the United States. Starting in 2000 and for eight years the US Mint issued a dollar coin honouring Sacagawea. The Indian maiden is on the one side and the American Bald Eagle on the other side. We have put together a collection of six different dates of Sacagawea Dollars and in Proof condition. A beautiful collection and not easy to put together especially in Proof condition. Get them while you can …

George V, Penny (Kings Norton) 1918 Fine

1918 Kings Norton Penny in Fine. In the reign of King George V the Royal Mint ran out of capacity to strike enough coins for everyday usage, so they contracted out the minting of some Pennies. One of the two Mints they used was the Kings Norton Mint, unlike the Birmingham Mint, the Kings Norton Mint had never struck coins for them before. They only made pennies for the Mint in 1918 and 1919 and all of these coins carry the ‘KN’ mint mark by the left of the date. Of the two mints, the Kings Norton is by far the most difficult to get.