Queen's 70th Anniversary Crown Cover Set

This is a fantastic set of four covers issued for the Queen’s 70th Birthday in 1996 (1926-1996). Each cover has four of the regional stamps issued for Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man and they are cancelled with a special 70th Birthday cancellation. Plus there is a stamp for the Island of Gairsay in Scotland which is also cancelled for the 70th Birthday. Each of the four covers has a full-colour drawing of the Queen and each cover is hand signed by Julian Puckett for Gairsay. We don’t know what a set of four covers like this would cost today, but judging from the ones. We have seen advertised, we would guess around £15.00 each. we can offer you this set, hand signed and now some 19 years old for just £17.50 for the set of four. At this price, we think they are very interesting and attractive and we might say, very unusual.
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