Germany 50 Million Marks 1923 P109 Dark Unc

The hyperinflation suffered by Germany after the First World War ravaged the economy. Banknotes were issued with values in the millions and even billions to cope with rising prices. One such note was the 50 million marks dated 1923 (P109) Printed on one side only, they are simple affairs which in no time at all was eclposed by even great denominations. Our examples are in Crisp Uncirculated condition.
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Germany 50 million marks 1923 P109 Pink and black on cream Crisp EF

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For some reason the Royal Mint is issuing the 2023 Silver Britannia with the Queen’s portrait on them! IWe were wrong when we said that the 2022 would be the last Queen Elizabeth II issue. My guess is they were struck before she died, we also understand that a King Charles Silver Britannia will be struck later in the year. But surprise, surprise not only was the 2023 Silver Britannia struck with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, but we have them in stock ready to be sent out now! We have Choice Brilliant Uncirculated Early Strike examples in stock and ready to sell them to you today. Don’t ask how we got them but Coincraft – Britain’s Coin Shop has them first and ready for your collection. They may cut off production shortly and this could be a key coin, then again they may not. But we have them now in 2022 although the coins are dated 2023. Get them while you can and while we still have them for sale.
Germany 10 Marks 1929 P180 Unc

Germany 10 Marks 1929 P180 Unc

These 10 marks are dated 1929 and were issued during the Weimar Republic in Germany (P180) It was part of a series which celebrated scientists and industrialists. A portrait of 18th-century agronomist Albrecht Thaer is to the right. On the back, cherubs with fish and a cornucopia flank the central medallion of a woman with a scythe. Uncirculated.
Germany 5 Marks 1904 Dragon  P8a Unc

Germany 5 Marks 1904 Dragon P8a Unc

These Germany 5 marks dated 1904 are in lovely condition (P8a) They are printed in the dense style of the era and feature an illustration of an allegorical woman representing Germania at left with a cherub on the front and a menacing dragon dominating the back. They usually turn up in scruffy condition so we are delighted to offer this ‘Dragon’ 1904 5 marks in Crisp Uncirculated.