Germany 500,000 Marks 1923 P88 VF

Germany 500,000 marks 1923 P88b Green on cream. Man to l and right in cap/ Design Fine
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Germany’s economy suffered runaway hyperinflation in the 1920’s. As inflation raged, what seemed a lot of money, after a few months would probably not have bought a postage stamp! The 500,000 marks are dated 1923 (P88) The illustration is quite simple with a dual portrait of a man wearing a Jacobite cap. This variety is regarded as scarce, available in pleasing VF and better £6.75.

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You now have it within your power to make someone an instant millionaire! The Million Pound Note featured in the 1954 Gregory Peck film of the same name. He had the use of a Million Pound Note for 1 month and as no-one could change it, people were more than willing to extend him credit. These Million Pound notes are a limited edition taken from the original props used for the film. They measure approximately 8” x 5” and comes in a special window envelope with a story card included. £10.95 each.