G E A Kentfield Historical £20 Enhanced B375 Unc

The Bank of England introduced a new Historical Series of banknotes in 1992. The distinguishing feature was the portraits of historical figures featured on the backs. On the back of the £20 note was a portrait of scientist Michael Faraday who is shown alongside a vignette of him giving the Christmas Lecture he gave at the Royal Institution in 1856 together with a vignette of a magneto-electric spark apparatus. We offer Crisp Uncirculated examples of the Faraday £20 with Graham Kentfield’s signature. (B375) This variety was introduced in 1994, with the small crown seen in earlier varieties replaced with the denomination symbols of £20. Crisp Uncirculated.
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G E A Kentfield £20 Mauve Historical Queen Eliz/ Faraday B375 Unc

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