G.M. Gill, £10 'Florence Nightingale' (B354) UNC

Bank of England, G.M. Gill Chief Cashier (1988-1991), £10 'Florence Nightingale' (B354) Crisp Uncirculated.
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George Malcolm Gill was one of the Bank of England’s shortest serving Chief Cashiers. His term of office began in 1988 and by 1991 he had retired and gone to work for the Bank for International Settlements.

Only one £10 note was issued while Gill was Chief Cashier (B354/P379e), this followed the old Pictorial design. It was coloured brown with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in State Robes on the front alongside the lily symbol of Florence Nightingale who appears on the back. Also on the back, a vignette showing her work at the Barracks Hospital at Scutari during the Crimean War.

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