Coin Collecting Tips: Elizabeth II (1952 - ) Sovereign

No gold coins were included in the proof sets of 1953 issued for the coronation, and the only British sovereigns struck in that year were a small number struck in order to provide continuity of the series. These were not released. The coins bore the obverse portrait of Elizabeth II by Mary Gillick, and the Pistrucci St George and dragon reverse.

The production of sovereigns was resumed in 1957. The portrait was similar to the 1953 piece but the obverse legend was revised. The coin was struck for most of the years up to 1968, then resumed in 1974 (post-decimalization) using an older portrait by Arnold Machin. From 1979 many proofs were struck for inclusion in proof sets and as individually cased proofs. In 1985 a new portrait by Raphael David Maklouf was introduced. The reverse uses the Pistrucci St George and dragon design throughout, except for 1989 when a proof sovereign was struck for the 500th anniversary of the sovereign and 2022 in celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Both coins had a completely new obverse and reverse.

This series normally occurs in Extremely Fine or mint state. Forgeries exist of the non-proof coins. We still have available examples of the 1957 sovereign in BU, the first sovereign made for H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. If you don't have one in your collection, you might want to take this opportunity to do so. Not many are left in stock, so don't miss out on your chance to get one!


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