Australia, Edward VII, threepence 1910, Very Fine

The first and last threepence of Edward VII for Australia
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In 1910 Australia struck its first Silver coins, they carried the portrait of King Edward VII. These were the first and last coins for this Monarch as he died that year. So these important Silver coins of Australia are the only Edward VII coins you can get from that country.

Here we offer the smallest of the silver coins, the threepence.

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Canada, Newfoundland, George VI 5c Silver

Before Newfoundland officially it became part of the Canadian Federation they used to issue their own coinage. For country collectors, you will need a coin of Newfoundland. They issued coins from the time of Queen Victoria right up to King George VI. Here we are offering some of the last silver coins issued by Newfoundland, under King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II’s Father. You get the silver Five Cents and with the portrait of King George VI and both some of the last coins issued for Newfoundland as an independent entity. Coins will be in Fine-Very Fine condition and nice examples.