Australia, 1954 Florin Extremely Fine

After Australia went over to the decimal system, their pre-decimal was complete and finished. During the period 1910-1963 they issued only four commemorative coins and they were all florins. We can offer you the last of the four coins issued. This fourth and last of the Australian commemorative Florins was struck for the Royal visit of the new Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. As with the 1951 issue this coin was struck in .500 silver, offered here in Extremely Fine.
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South Africa, ZAR Florin - Circulated

Before South Africa became known as South Africa it was known as it ZAR or Zud African Republic under the Boer rule. They issued their own silver coins with a portrait of Paul Kruger, who the current gold coins are still named after. They are struck in Sterling Silver and were issued from 1892 to 1897. Here we offer the Florin, they are struck in Sterling Silver and are a from a country that no longer exists, at least with that name. All coins are in selected circulated condition and we will send you the best set that we have in stock when we receive your order.

Greece, 1978 Silver 100 Drachmas. Proof (KM.121)

Issued in 1978 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Bank of Greece. KM121. Proof in original Pack. Struck in .650 silver.
Picture of Peru, 1/2 Dinero Unc

Peru, 1/2 Dinero Unc

A group of these early Peru silver coins came up at auction and we bought them! The denomination is 1/2 Dinero and they were issued between 1901 and 1917, which means of course, that they are over 100 years old, but also in uncirculated condition. You do not see these coins in such high grade all that often. We were delighted to buy the lot, as the price was reasonable and the quality very high, a combination you don’t often get. They are small Silver coins, but of high grade silver (900 fine), as Peru is known for being an important silver producer. The quality is outstanding and we can supply a few different dates. For a coin you never see in excellent condition, what more can you ask for?