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Venezuela, Mint Set (5 coins) 1988-90

Venezuela, Mint Set (5 coins) 1988-90

When we say that this coin set is difficult to get, is because there is so much inflation that they leave their banknotes literally in the street. You may have seen the photographs in the newspapers with the street littered with banknotes blowing around. These coins are difficult as their metal content is worth many times their face value. In fact, you will not see any coins being used in Venezuela today. They were issued 1989-1990 and are in Uncirculated condition. You get the 25 Centavos, 50 Centavos, 1 Bolivar, 2 Bolivars and the halfcrown sized 5 Bolivars. Each coin has ‘The Liberator’ Simon Bolivar on them. The metal content is many times their face value!

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