United States of America, 8 Different Jefferson Nickels in Proof

The Jefferson nickel or 5 cent piece was first struck in America in 1938 it replaced the buffalo nickel. Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States. His home Monticello, is on the reverse of the 5 Cent or Nickel coin. Our friend in the United States has been able to put together a starter collection of Jefferson Nickels – eight different dates. But when he does it, he does it right all eight coins are in Proof condition. You have Thomas Jefferson on the obverse and Monticello on the reverse. You get eight different dates in brilliant Proof condition for just £14.50. That works out to less than £2 each for an American Proof Jefferson nickel. Supplies are limited and dates will be as they come. A nifty set and priced to sell.
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