George V Halfcrown 1914 About Extremely Fine

The Halfcrown was Two Shillings and Sixpence, that’s 30 old pennies or 12 ½ pence in today’s money. The Last Sterling Silver Halfcrowns were issued under King George V from 1911-1919. We have a nice selection of these now diffi cult to fi nd coins in Nearly Extremely Fine condition. A significant value for the time and numismatically important, there is just something about these last silver halfcrowns in high grade.
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Polish Inter-War 4-Coin Set, Extremely Fine_main

Polish Inter-War 4-Coin Set, Extremely Fine

In the aftermath of World War 1 the Allies agreed to recreate a Polish state for the fi rst time since 1795, which was officially known as the Second Polish Republic. This new state lasted from 1918 until 1939 when the country was invaded by Germany at the start of World War 2. During this interwar period Poland once again began issuing its own currency. This set has 4 coins, the 5, 20 and 50 groszy pieces along with a 1 zloty from the period. All the coins bear the traditional crowned eagle on the obverse and are in Extremely Fine condition.
William IV, Groat, 1836, Extremely Fine._obv

William IV, Groat, 1836, Extremely Fine.

A few months ago, we offered these wonderful William IV Groats in Uncirculated condition, unfortunately they quickly sold out, so we’re pleased to offer you a selection of less expensive ones in appealing “Extremely Fine” grade. Get in quickly, coins of William IV are very popular as it was only a short reign (1830-1837) and Groats were only struck in 1836 and 1837.
Early World Coins Package Deal_main

Early World Coins Package Deal

We have about 50 copies of this great book entitled ‘Early World Coins & Early Weight Standards’ by Robert Tye, an expert in this area. He published this book in 2009 and it has since been my go-to book for identifying any unusual early World coins for which you would otherwise need a whole library to cover. The 192 page book is packed with line-drawings which make it easy to spot the details to look for on coins which make them identifiable. It is full of useful information about the dynasties and rulers who issued the coins and goes into the development of coinage from the early times. The book retails for £29.95 but, we are giving you FOUR FREE early coins covered in the book, one ancient Roman coin; one from ancient India; one from the Islamic world and one from medieval Europe. The retail value of the coins alone is around £40, add to that the £29.95 for the book and you have a retail value of nearly £70 but you can have all this for £24.95 which is less than the price of the book itself! Beat that for value, a saving of £45 Broaden your horizons and learn about coinage from distant lands and long-forgotten rulers and dynasties with this great starter collection and book.