Estonia, 5 Coin Set Before The Euro Brilliant Unc

Estonia, while quite an old country, has not been issuing coins for all that long, really only since the breakup of the Russian group of countries. This is a five-coin set in the early 2000s. They are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and the denominations are 10, 20 (twice) & 50 Senti, and 1 Kroon. We have been to their capital Tallin a few times and it is a wonderful city. The old part of town has been rebuilt and is a great tourist attraction. Five coin sets of Brilliant Uncirculated Estonian coins.
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Many people have never even heard of Kazakhstan. It is mostly in Central Asia and partly in Eastern Europe. Until 1991 it was part of the Soviet Union but since then it has been an independent country and issued its own coins. We have an especially attractive commemorative 100 Tenge coin in prooflike uncirculated to offer you. Celebrating a positive start for Children, it has stick figures of children with an open book. We bought these from a dealer we know in Kazakhstan. They are fantastic quality and a coin that you don’t often have a chance to add to your collection.
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From Chile we offer a 1933 1 Peso coin, which was the year that Chile replaced their Silver coins with cupro nickel. This coin features the Andean Condor (vulture) perched on a rock, the reverse depicts the denomination and date surrounded by a laurel wreath. The Andean Condor which inhabits the Andes is the national symbol of Chile and is also known as the Chilean Condor. This inexpensive cupro nickel coin is in Very Fine condition and should appeal to collectors interested in birds. Limited supplies.
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