Elizabeth II, (90th Birthday) £10 2016 Proof 69

This huge 5 ounce Silver £10.00 was issued by the Royal Mint in 2016 for the 90th Birthday of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II. It is a huge and impressive coin. You have a crowned E II R 90 in a carved ring within a wreath of intricately engraved roses. H. M. Queen Elizabeth II is on the obverse. A marketing company in America bought them from the Royal Mint, including the first 500 of these coins that the Mint struck. They sent them in for slabbed and if they graded 69 out of 70 or 70 out of 70, they then had the coins slabbed. The Proof 69 Ultra Cameo examples they left in the slabs. The presentation is outstanding, these were sold by the Royal Mint at £420.00 a coin. You can have this Proof 69 for just £295.00 - £125.00 less than the Mint sold them for.
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