Cyprus, George V, 45 Piastres 1928, Very Fine

In all the time that the island nation of Cyprus issued coins, the only time they ever issued a crown was in 1928 under King George V. In all the time we have been in the coin business we never had more than 10 pieces at any one time. It has always been a scarce coin to get because it is highly desirable. The mintage was just 80,000 coins and it has always been Scarce. We managed to buy a group from a jeweller who accumulated them over many years. So we can offer them to you at prices you would usually expect for a dealer to pay.
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Willliam III, Crown (1694-1702) Fine

These Silver Crowns were issued in the reign of King William III 1694-1702. At that time Five Shillings or a Crown was the equivalent of five weeks' wages for a skilled craftsman. This is the largest Silver coin to be issued for King William III. You have the laureate bust on one side and four sets of crowned Arms on the other. The coats of Arms are England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and the lion of the House of Orange. These early Silver crowns are getting extremely difficult to find and now over 300 years old. The largest silver coin of its time. Now over 300 years old.
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Elizabeth II, Crown (British Exhibition in New York) 1960 Prooflike

In 1960 the Royal Mint issued a Crown for the British Exhibition in New York. We have always thought that some of the coins were actually struck in New York but we have been told that this is not the case and they were all struck in this country. What we do know is that a very small number of the 1960 crowns were struck in Prooflike Uncirculated condition, rather than in the normal matt Uncirculated. These Prooflike Crowns are difficult to get and it has taken us some time to put this little group together. On the obverse, you have H. M. Queen Elizabeth II and on the reverse, you have four shields of arms. According to Krause less than 7% of the coins struck were in Prooflike Uncirculated condition. Get them while our small supply lasts, we don’t know anyone who has any quantity of these available.
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In 1937 they issued a silver crown for the Coronation of King George VI. No other crowns were issued during his reign as World War II was happening. Finally in 1951 to celebrate The Festival of Britain the Royal Mint issued a second George VI crown. But this time it was in cupro-nickel rather than silver. The Mint had stopped using silver in our coinage by that time. So this 1951 cupro-nickel is the only cupro-nickel crown ever issued for King George VI. It is available in Extremely Fine, Uncirculated and Prooflike Uncirculated in the original card case of issue.