Cape Verde, 100 Escudos (Pope's Visit Commemorative) 1990 Unc

Issued in 1990 to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul II to the islands in January 1990.
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Cabo Verde or, as we call it, Cape Verde, is a small remote island group in the Atlantic Ocean off Africa. It was formerly a Portuguese Colony, that became independent in 1975. You almost never see coins from this country.

One of our contacts found us a small group of commemorative 100 Escudos from 1990; these coins were issued to honour the visit of Pope John Paul II. These are about half crown sized coins, very thick and in Uncirculated condition. 

On one side is the Pope with outstretched arms and on the reverse are the Arms of Cabo Verde and the value. The coins are Uncirculated with a minimum of bag marks.
With the Pope’s death, many collectors are trying to complete their collections of his coins. Also this is a very difficult country to get anything from and this coin is scarce.