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Picture of Cuba, 1 Peso (50th Anniversary of UN), 1995 Cupro-nickel

Cuba, 1 Peso (50th Anniversary of UN), 1995 Cupro-nickel

This crownsized Cuba 1 Peso was issued in 1995 for the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. Usually a one peso coin will be rather small, but this case it is a full 38mm. More importantly it comes in the original bubble package. The current catalogue price is $17.00 about £13.50. You have a group of faces with a dove of peace in the background. The obverse has the Cuban coat of arms. This piece was part of the Royal Mint United Nations programme and most collectors have never seen this coin. If you live in America it is sill illegal for you to import it. Nice Uncirculated examples in the bright yellow bubble pack and at only £8.50, it is quite a good deal…
Cuba 1995 1 Peso 50th Anniversary of United Nations Unc_obv

Cuba, 1 Peso (50th Anniversary of United Nations) 1995 Unc

One of the last of the crowns the Royal Mint issued for the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations. They are all crownsized and struck in Uncirculatedcupro-nickel. In very short supply, all were issued in 1995 and they are rather exotic.
Picture of Cuba, 1 Peso (Don Quijote & Windmill) 1982 Unc

Cuba, 1 Peso (Don Quijote & Windmill) 1982 Unc

Perhaps one of the most famous literary figures was Hidalgo Don Quijote, the famous knight who charged a windmill. Of course from this, we all now realize that tilting or running at a windmill will get us nowhere, except perhaps a broken back or neck. In 1982 Cuba issued a special commemorative One Peso coin for Don Quijote. It shows the Knight on horseback charging at a windmill, lance at the ready. The mintage of this Uncirculated 1 Peso is only 7,000 coins, so we think our price is quite attractive. Don’t tilt at windmills, do buy this coin as a reminder to keep your head about you.
Picture of Cuba, 1 Peso (Flora Azahar) 1981 CN Unc

Cuba, 1 Peso (Flora Azahar) 1981 CN Unc

This cupronickel One Peso coin was issued by Cuba in 1981, it was part of the Plant and Flora series. This particular coin depicts the Azahar flower. What we found most amazing is the mintage. According to Krause, the mintage is just 3,000 coins, which in any case would be very low indeed. The coins are large and thick and in Uncirculated condition and with a mintage of just 3,000 coins, rather difficult to get. While our small supply lasts, you can have this Cuban 1 Peso for just £7.95.
Picture of Cuba, 1 peso 1980 Flora Mariposa CN

Cuba, 1 peso 1980 Flora Mariposa CN

This Silver Cuban 1 Pesos was issued in 1980 and celebrates the Flora of Cuba. On one side you have the coat of arms of Cuba and on the other a Mariposa flower and the date 1980. This is one of the Cuban coins more difficult to get and we are fortunate to have a nice group in Uncirculated condition at this attractive price, which makes them even better.
Picture of Cuba, 1 Peso 1982 Ernest Hemingway CNickel

Cuba, 1 Peso 1982 Ernest Hemingway CNickel

The famous American writer is featured on this One Peso of Cuba issued in 1982. Ernest Hemingway is best known for his stories such as The Old Man and the Sea. He spent a lot of time in Cuba and they have taken him as one of their own. You have the facing portrait of Hemingway with the dates 1898-1964, the other side has the arms of Cuba. These coins are in Uncirculated condition and are very popular with the literary set. It has a beautiful portrait of Hemingway on it.