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George VI Penny 1947 Unc.

George VI, Penny 1947 Unc

We believe the bronze coins of King George VI are much underappreciated. The farthings are easy to get, but try and get nice Pennies and Halfpennies. Here we are offering a George VI Penny from 1947 in uncirculated condition.

George VI, Penny 1948 Brilliant Unc

George VI, Bronze Penny, 1948 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

George VI, Penny 1948 Unc

1d (1 Penny) from George VI's reign, minted in 1948 and in uncirculated condition.
Picture of George VI, Penny 1948 Unc-Bu

George VI, Penny 1948 Unc-Bu

1D (1 Penny) from the reign of George VI, minted in 1948 and in UNC-BU condition.
Picture of George VI, Penny 1949 Brilliant Uncirculated

George VI, Penny 1949 Brilliant Uncirculated

In 1949 the Royal Mint changed the legend on our coinage, IND IMP was omitted. This was due to India gaining its independence from this country and there was no longer a reason to have it on the legend. There were only two more pennies after this issue and both of these are Rare and very expensive, especially in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. If you want an important type coin, at a price that won’t break the bank, then this 1949 Penny without IND IMP is the coin for you. All of the coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and came from a bag that was found in a bank in the United States. They had been there since 1949! These are priced right to entice and delight you and at our price, it might be interesting to buy a couple of extra pieces for trading with other collectors.
1949 Penny_Bu

George VI, Penny 1949 BU

Unlike the smaller denominations, the classic penny design featuring a seated Britannia, first introduced in 1860 and would continue throughout George VI’s reign. Here we offer the 1949 Penny in Brilliant Unirculated condition.
George VI, Penny 1950 GVF-EF_obv

George VI, Penny 1950 GVF-EF

Mark also had a small box of the Rare 1950 George VI Penny, it has a mintage of just 240,000 coins and they were all released overseas. Normally we sell this coin in Very Fine for £29.50, but the coins Mark had were Good Very Fine – Extremely Fine. For 20 collectors only you can have one for the same price as a Very Fine. This is a Rare Penny and in better than usual condition but at the price, we would usually charge for a lesser grade coin.
Type Set of British Pennies

Type Set of British Pennies

The set Includes the old large bronze Pennies of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI, and Queen Elizabeth II. In September 2015 Queen Elizabeth II replaced Queen Victoria as our longest serving Monarch. The bronze Penny was first issued under Queen Victoria and was last issued under Queen Elizabeth II. Get all five Pennies one of each Monarch for just £7.50. How do we do it? We are Britain's Coin Shop, we have the largest inventory of British Coins in the United Kingdom. We work on a mark-up, not on a dream price. With Coincraft you get good value for your money.
Victoria, 1896 Penny Unc_obv

Victoria, Penny (Old Head) 1896 Unc

Unc-Brilliant Unc with good lustre.

Victoria, Penny (Old Head) 1901 Unc

1901 Penny in Unc from the reign of Queen Victoria. Struck in Brilliant Unc condition.
Victoria, 1854 Copper Penny Choice Unc_obv

Victoria, Penny (Young Head) 1854 Choice Unc - Copper

Choice Uncirculated with lustre