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Victoria, Penny (Plain Trident) 1855 really Good Extremely Fine_obv

Victoria, Penny (Plain Trident) 1855 really Good Extremely Fine

With wonderful colour and fields, slight edge bump.
Victoria Young Head Copper Penny (1854 and 1858) Extremely Fine_obv

Victoria, Penny (Young Head) Copper 1854 and 1858 Extremely Fine

Copper Pennies first introduced in 1797 under George III were worth their weight in copper, which was a huge 1oz. By Victorian times the copper pennies - which were struck between 1838 and 1860 - were reduced to 0.6oz, before they changed to the smaller Bronze “Bun Head” design. We have been putting high-grade Copper Pennies of Victoria away for a number of years and are delighted to offer you these impressive pieces in Extremely Fine grade. They feature William Wyon’s depiction of Victoria’s “Young Head” on the obverse and the classic Britannia reverse. Some dates are very rare, we will be offering ones dated 1854 and 1858 only.
Victoria Young Head Penny Copper Very Good_obv

Victoria, Penny (Young Head) Copper Very Good

The Copper Penny of Queen Victoria was issued between 1839 and 1860. It was a nice chunky copper coin, that was replaced by the thinner bronze Penny in 1860. We have this coin available in Very Good, a grade that is better than they usually come. Because this coin was of such small value it tends to come up for sale in very used well-circulated quality. These copper pennies are above average quality.