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Elizabeth I_Penny_Fine_obv

Elizabeth I, Penny Fine

When Elizabeth I ascended the throne in 1558, she boldly set about improving the quality of England’s coinage following the debasement of silver under her father Henry VIII. Throughout her reign large quantities of silver coins were produced, the silver was often obtained from raiding Spanish ships. Many silver denominations were produced under Elizabeth’s reign, from the Rare Crowns and Halfcrowns, the mass produced shillings and sixpences, and the more unusual small denominations — groats, threepences, half-groats, three-halfpence, pennies, three-farthings, and halfpenny. These small denominations were very popular with merchants and small traders. Elizabethan pennies are very small, and are often found creased or bent. The obverse bears the legend E D G ROSA SINE SPINA — Elizabeth by the grace of God a rose without a thorn — around a left-facing bust of the queen, while the reverse bears the legend CIVITAS LONDON — City of London. We are delighted to offer you a very small group of Elizabeth I Pennies, they were minted at the Tower Mint in London. Each is in Very Good or Fine condition with a clear depiction of the Queen. These are fantastic little coins, each is at least 420 years old, struck in Sterling Silver and bears the portrait of Elizabeth I.