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4th July Medallion Set

4th July Medallion Set

Richard is proud to be a dual British and American national, but, there is one day each year when he feels confused. And that day is the 4th of July. For Americans, it is a day to celebrate their independence from the British. For the British, it is the day they lost the American Colony. When The Worth Collection offered us a set of five medallions to celebrate the 4th of July Richard did not know what to do. Then he saw the collection and his mind was made up. It is a fantastic set and well worth having. You get five crown sized medals with full-colour paintings of battles being waged. You have the British red coats, the Americans with their flags flowing and it was after all almost 250 years ago. They are in Proof condition with reverse reading United States of America Independence Day 4th July. Just to show that we are fair to both sides, instead of the usual price of £22.50 we are going to offer them at just £19.50. And that's because Richard cannot make up his mind. He wants both sides to win!
50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Medal Set

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Medal Set

This fantastic set of five medallions has been issued by The Worth Collection for the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. You get five different silvered medallions with full colour photos of Apollo 11. They are in Proof condition and have been silver plated. The set comes in a plush display case. The reverse medallion has an astronaut standing on the Moon holding an American flag with his spaceship in the foreground. If you are into space then this set is for you. First time offered.
9/11 Never Forget Collection in Case

9/11 Never Forget Collection in Case

This most unusual set of medallions says it all ‘Never Forget’, never forget what happened on 9-11 in the United States. When terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre in New York City but also the Pentagon in Washington D.C. The planchet, or piece of metal the medallion is struck on, is not round but rather in the shape of the Pentagon. That is what makes this collection so impressive. Each has a full-colour photograph on the obverse. They are gold plated with the reverses showing the World Trade Centre and ‘We will not tire, we will not falter and we will not fail’ G.W. Bush. They are a fantastic set, yes they cost just a little bit more than the normal sets but we assume this shape costs more to make. The small extra cost will immediately be worthwhile when you see this stunning 9-11 ‘Never Forget’ Collection. It comes in a Worth Collection presentation case.

Audrey Hepburn 5 Medal Collection

Audrey Hepburn was a famous actress, 1929-1993, who was perhaps best known for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But I will always remember her for her role in My Fair Lady, she went from Covent Garden flower seller to a lady. We have been able to buy a small quantity of a wonderful collection of five full-colour medallions honouring Audrey Hepburn. Each crownsized medal has a different picture of Ms Hepburn from one of her films. They are in beautiful proof condition and the collection comes in a handsome presentation case. The reverse has her smoking a cigarette in a very long holder with a rose. The obverse has her and the line ‘I just do my thing’. The medals are gold plated and you get all five medals, each in a protective plastic case in the presentation case for just £19.50. She was a fine actress and this is a wonderful remembrance at a most reasonable price… Less than £5 each!
Battle of Midway Medal Collection

Battle of Midway Medal Collection

This handsome Worth Collection is for the Battle of Midway in the Second World War, the battle that started the battle changing in the good guys favour. It is a magnificent collection. The reverse of each crownsized medal has the flags and planes of Japan and the United States fighting each other. The obverses show fi ve diff erent colour renditions of the Battle of Midway. Each is gold plated and comes in a protective capsule, the whole collection comes in a Worth Collection presentation case. This collection would be great for your World War Two collection, especially as the set of fi ve in the presentation case is just £19.50. That is less than £4 a medallion. Supplies are limited.
Picture of Chernobyl Medal

Chernobyl Medal

These are very attractive pieces produced with a gilded finish with black, red and turquoise enamel. At the centre is a diagram showing the atom being split into Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. This medal was awarded to soldiers, policemen and many civilians who handled the fallout from this disaster. Complete with ribbon and suspension.

D-Day (06-06-1944) Five Medal Collection

This is just a fantastic and beautiful set of medallions. If you love to flash and gold colour and real fighting men this is for you. Five different crown-sized medals coloured enamel on both sides. Each medal in a display capsule and all five are in a rather impressive case. We worked hard on this one to offer the whole collection to our collectors for just £19.50! Less than £4 each. You will love this collection, Great Britain and Canada are featured but also represented are the United States and the Free French. You have real soldiers pointing their weapons at you. You have the colours red, white, and blue on a heavy gold colour gleaming out at you. These beautiful and striking medals are certainly not subtle pieces. We love them and we hope you will too. We have kept the price fantastically low even with inflation on the rise!!! It will cost you less than £4 each and the case is FREE. This is a bargain you don't want to miss out on...
Dinosaur Medallion Set

Dinosaur Medallion Set

This is a fantastic set of five different Dinosaur Medallions in a smart presentation case. You get the Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Velociraptor. They are in full-colour and have been coated in silver and come with a certificate printed on silver-coated paper. The reverse has a giant head ready for eating. Each crownsized medallion comes in a protective capsule in the display case. This is the first time they have been offered, and with the holidays coming up they will make a wonderful holiday present…
Picture of Elvis silver coloured

Elvis silver coloured

These beautiful crownsized medals honour ‘The King’ of music, Elvis Presley. On one side you have a portrait of Elvis, a copy of his signature and the legend ‘The King of Rock n’ Roll’. The other side has his dancing to the music and his dates 1935-1977. They come in two colours, silver-coloured and gold coloured. Each Prooflike piece comes in a capsule. If you liked some of the other Elvis material we have offered in the past, you will love these medallions. Supplies are limited.
Picture of FAO United Nations - Protecting animals & plants 1999

FAO United Nations - Protecting animals & plants 1999

Bronze 80mm by S. Girlanda. Obv. Plants, animals and microscope. Rev. calendar for year 1999. Uncirculated
FAO United Nations - World Food Day 1995_obv

FAO United Nations - World Food Day 1995

Bronze 50mm by A. Haiderzad. Obv. Five hands reach for cereal over globe. Rev. bullock drawn plough and tractor. Uncirculated
Picture of Italy, Duchess Elenora of Toledo - tribute cast in Florence c.1551

Italy, Duchess Elenora of Toledo - tribute cast in Florence c.1551

Rare 16th century bronze medal by the Italian Sculptor and medallist Domenico Poggini

John Lennon 25th Anniversary Medal Proof

From the Cook Islands, we offer this beautiful crownsized medallion commemorating the life of John Lennon. On one side you have the facing portrait of John and the fact that it was the 25th anniversary of his death (2005). The reverse has the sun shining from the earth and Elizabeth II Cook Islands Commemoration. They are struck in a Proof gold coloured metal and come in a protective capsule. This is the first time we have had them and we think that should be a lot of interest in this medal.
Kuwait, Gulf War Liberation of Kuwait Medal_obv

Kuwait, Gulf War Liberation of Kuwait Medal

The Kuwait Liberation Medal was created in 1991 and was issued by the government of Kuwait to both local and foreign military personnel who served in the “Liberation of Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War. The medals on offer here are the 5th class, struck in bronze with coloured enamel measuring 40mm in diameter suspended from a bar by a wreath. The design of the medal features the traditional dhow within a wreath supported by a falcon with its wings spread, falconry being the sport of kings in the Persian Gulf, and superimposed onto the falcon is an enamelled coat of arms, mirroring the ribbon on the medal in the colours of the State of Kuwait. At the top of the medal is the inscription in Arabic translating as “1991 Liberation Medal”. The reverse side of the medal shows a map of Kuwait on a rayed background. The medals are in their original boxes of issue complete with the dress ribbon bar.
Marilyn Monroe Five Medallion Collection

Marilyn Monroe Five Medal Collection

Richard saw the famous Marilyn Monroe Playboy calendar when he was young and it made a lasting impression on him. This collection does not contain that photo but it does contain five different full-colour medals of Ms. Monroe. She was a great actress and is considered to be one of the most iconic female beauties of all time. Many, young and old lost their hearts to her. This is a fantastic collection to honour an iconic actress. You get five different full-colour medals in a presentation case for just £19.50. Just because Richard lost his heart to her as a youth, it doesn’t mean you will have to lose a fortune honouring her. Great for movie buffs, and an excellent present.
Medal for the last flight of Concorde_obv

Medal for the last flight of Concorde

We have just had this fantastic proof medallion for ‘The Last Flight of the Concorde 2003’. It shows three Concordes on one side and the legend ‘A Century of Flight' on the other side. It is a beautiful Proof in a yellow metal and comes in a protective plastic capsule. If you are into airplanes then this is for you. Especially at our price of only £5.95, but supplies are limited.
Ned Kelly Medal Collection

Ned Kelly Medal Collection

Ned Kelly was the Australian criminal that was best known for fighting the police while wearing a metal helmet, which must have been tough in the Australian heat. We were only able to get 100 sets of these five medallions. The obverse shows Kelly with arms crossed each with a pistol, his famous metal helmet, the dates 1855-1880 and his most famous line ‘Such is life’. There are fi ve diff erent colour pictures of him on the reverses. They are full crownsized and gold plated. Each medal comes in a protective capsule and the set comes in a Worth Collection display case.
Pair of Popeye Medals in case - US Navy Proud_case

Pair of Popeye Medals in case - US Navy Proud

This is a set of two medallions issued to honour Popeye the Sailor Man and that the United States Navy is so proud of him. On one side of the two medallions you have Popeye enamelled in colour. On the other side you have two different logos one for the Navy and one for Chief Petty Officers. The pair come in a rather nice presentation case with certificates. A nice present for someone who was in the Navy or someone who collects Popeye The Sailor Man. We think that they are attractive medallions and priced right. What more can you ask for?
Pakistan Resolution Day Medal

Pakistan Resolution Day Medal

The result of the Resolution of Pakistan in 1940 is known as one of the most powerful political movements in recent world history because it forced the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It would take only seven years for the demand to become a reality with the establishment of the new independent state of Pakistan. The commemoration of this event is a hugely important date in the calendar for the citizens of Pakistan and it is a national holiday which is celebrated by a parade by the Armed Forces with the bestowal of national decorations. This medal was issued in 1990 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Pakistan Resolution Day. It is struck in cupro-nickel with a decorative suspension bar and a colourful green, red and gold ribbon. On one side is the Minar-e-Pakistan monument with Urdu text above and the date at the sides with laurel leaves below, the reverse also has an Urdu inscription. Add this interesting and important medal to your collection.
Pakistan, 1956 Republic Medal_obv

Pakistan, 1956 Republic Medal

Awarded to members of the Pakistani armed forces, police forces, selected civilian officials, and selected non-officials to commemorate the inauguration of the Republic of Pakistan, 23 March 1956. The obverse has a calligraphic inscription “Jamhuria Islamia Pakistan” or “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan” within a wreath and the reverse has in English “23rd MARCH 1956” in the centre with the same above in Urdu “9 Shaaban-ul-Muazzam 1375”, and below in Bengali “Jamhuria Islamia Pakistan” or “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. The medal is suspended from a straight-bar with a swivelling suspender and is unnamed, as issued. This is an original, full-size award complete with the original ribbon of equal strips of green, red, black, and white.
Pakistan, 1971 War with India Medal_obv

Pakistan, 1971 War with India Medal

This medal was Instituted in 1972 to award active service personnel who fought in the war with India between 3-16 December 1971. It was a very short war as within 13 days India had a very clear advantage and the Commander of the Pakistan forces surrendered. Even during such a short time Indian forces had taken around 90,000 of the Pakistan forces prisoner. The result was the formation of East Pakistan as the new nation of Bangladesh Struck in cupro-nickel with a plain suspension bar and a green ribbon with dark blue, pale blue and red stripes representing the Airforce, Navy and Army which are also represented by the corresponding insignia on the medal itself around the central crescent and star of Pakistan. The reverse of the medal has an Urdu inscription at the top with the Arabic date ١٣۹١ (1391 = 1971 A.D.) below with jasmine wreaths to either side; on original ribbon.

Pakistan, 1991 Sitara Hurb Medal

Another fantastic piece for our growing band of collectors of military medals, or anyone who likes a bargain! We are delighted to be able to offer this Pakistani armed forces Medal from 1991. These are all original and genuine medals – NOT replicas or reproductions! This medal is in very nice collectable condition and comes mounted with the correct ribbon. Now we bought this piece at a very good price, and we are passing the savings on to you, our collectors! At this price they would make great gifts too!
Pakistan, Democracy 'Jumuriat' Medal 1988_obv

Pakistan, Democracy 'Jumuriat' Medal 1988

This medal is also known as the Pakistan Jamhuriat and was instituted in 1988 to commemorate the end of martial law and the return to democratic government following the death of General Zia-ul-Haq in an aeroplane crash and the election of Benazir Bhutto as Prime Minister. Struck in silvered bronze with a swivel scroll and ribbon bar for suspension; the face has an inscription in Urdu within a floral wreath. The reverse is also inscribed in Urdu and the ribbon has equal stripes of green, white and red.
Pele Medallion Collection_obv

Pele Medallion Collection

This is a collection for someone who remembers one of the greatest football players who ever lived ‘Pele’. He was brought up in a poor area of Brazil and became one of the most well-known and one of the best footballers the world has ever known. He has been long retired but people everywhere football fanatics or not, all have heard of ‘Pele’. You have fine gold plated Proof medallions each with a different full-color photograph of ‘Pele. The reverse shows Number 10 in action with the inscription ‘Edson Arantes Do Nascimento’ which is ‘Pele’s’ birth name. The medals are gold plated in a presentation case.
Picture of Rhodesian Independence – 1965.

Rhodesian Independence – 1965.

Bronze 38mm. Obv. Bust of Ian Smith in field of diamonds. Rev. cross divides main industrial scenes, mining, power generation, and agriculture. Uncirculated