New Stock September 2023 (Part II)

In this upload w're binging some special items such as we're as Marcus Aurelius Denarii, the first£50 Britannia ever made, and Edward I Farthing and an unusual medal from the region of the world some would call East Turkestan or Uyguristan.

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1 Mother of pearl gambling chip

These hand engraved mother of pearl gambling pieces were made in the Far East and then brought to this country. They were mostly made in the mid to late 1800s. There are a number of different shapes, rectangular, round, fish shaped and others. Types will be of our choice, but if you order 2 or 3 pieces we will guarantee you get 2 or 3 different shapes. Well over 100 years old and hand engraved.
Australia, $1 Kangaroo 2023 1Oz Silver Brilliant Unc

Australia, $1 Kangaroo 2023 1Oz Silver Brilliant Unc

This is a special 1 Ounce Silver Dollar struck at the Perth mint (2023) to commemorate our late Queen Elizabeth II. It has a special memorial obverse featuring the Jody Clark effigy of HM Elizabeth II facing right, wearing the George IV State Diadem and the Victorian Coronation Necklace and the dates of the Queen’s reign, 1952-2022. The reverse features a Kangaroo with a sunburst background, along with the purity and weight, 1 oz 9999 Silver. This is a one year type and is a beautiful design honouring our late Queen.
Belgian Congo, 1 Franc Elephant Very Fine_obv

Belgian Congo, 1 Franc Elephant Very Fine

The Belgian Congo did not have a good reputation of being ruled by the Belgians, but they did strike nice coins. They are known for putting elephants on their coinage. They have always been popular and difficult to get. We have purchased a small number of the 1 Franc coins which were only struck for three years, 1944, 1946 and 1949. The coins are small and struck in brass and will grade Very fine, but we have just 24 pieces for sale.
Belgium Resistance Medal_rev

Belgium Resistance Medal

This medal was given to those in the Resistance in Belgium during World War II. You had to be not only in the resistance but you also had to carry a weapon to qualify for this award. You have a woman, hair flying in the breeze, holding her arm around her. The reverse has ‘1940 Resistere 1945’ within a wreath. It is struck in bronze with a black ribbon with thick green and thin red stripes. We have all heard of the brave resistance fighters during World War II, now you can own a medal honouring them. But supplies are very limited.
Canadian, "Godless" and "Godly" pair of cents

Canadian, "Godless" and "Godly" pair of cents

Many will have heard of the “Godless florin” in 1849, but perhaps not as many will know that something similar happened in Canada in 1911. The “Dei Gratia” part of the legend on the obverse side was removed from Canadian coins in 1911, the first year of issue for the new King George V. This caused such a public uproar over the “godless” coins that it was reinstated on Canadian coinage the following year. We have a small number of these interesting coins available in Very Fine condition, which we can off er along with one of the more “godly” large cents issued between 1912 and 1920.
China (Xinjiang), 30th Anniversary in Sinkiang Medal

China (Xinjiang), 30th Anniversary in Sinkiang Medal

As civil war raged in China in the 1940’s, Xinjiang experienced a brief period of independence and became known as East Turkestan. On 1 October 1949, Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong declared the creation of the People’s Republic of China and brought Xinjiang under its control. On 31 December 1954 and 1 January 1955 there was an ethnic-Uighur uprising and Communist troops and their families were sent to the region. Following the suppression, The Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR) was established by the PRC government on October 1, 1955. In 1985, to celebrate the 30th anniversary, the government issued this medal to those military members and their families. These are now quite scarce and sought after. The medal is a 13-point gilt star measuring 45mm across with red and white enamel depicting a power station with snow-capped mountains in the background and animals grazing in the foreground and a golden star in the sky above. A bar with the dates 1955-1985 is attached above. The reverse carries bilingual script in Chinese characters and the local Uighur language which is a kind of Arabic script. The medals come as issued in a presentation case which has its own stand on the back for upright display.
£32.50 £22.50