New Stock October 2023 (Banknotes)

More banknotes have just been uploaded! Featured on this upload are 14 US bank share certificates and 19 world banknotes. Enjoy browsing we hope you find banknotes for your collection!

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Hong Kong 100 Dollars HKSBC 2022- P-New Unc

Hong Kong 100 Dollars HKSBC 2022- P-New Unc

There are three issuing banks in Hong Kong, and while their notes are different, they all follow a common theme. The theme of the 100 dollars, first issued in 2018, is Chinese Opera. Coloured a vivid red, these are wonderful notes. On offer now are Crisp Uncirculated examples of the Bank of China 100 dollars with its Headquarters on the front and a woman in a traditional costume with a paper fan on the back. Also available is the 100 dollars from the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. A lion statue is on the front and a man and woman in traditional costumes in a garden from Cantonese Opera on the back. Uncirculated!
IBNS Nelson Blue/ Green Pair Promotionals 1995 Unc

IBNS Nelson Blue/ Green Pair Promotionals 1995 Unc

This pair of Promotional notes in green and blue, featuring Admiral Horatio Nelson were given to all those people who attended the International Banknote Society Congress in London in 1995. They are fairly simple affairs with Nelson’s portrait to the right alongside the legend ‘England expects that every man will do his duty’ Crisp Uncirculated.
Jamaica 500 Dollars 2023 P-New Polymer Unc

Jamaica 500 Dollars 2023 P-New Polymer Unc

Jamaica celebrated 60 years of independence in 2022 and at the same time switched to issuing banknotes on polymer. This new series has just started to appear and we are delighted to offer Uncirculated examples of the new 500 dollars now (P-New) The front features portraits of Nanny of the Marrons and Sam Sharpe while on the back buildings from Port Royal are depicted. A wide see-through security panel completes the note. Uncirculated.

Mozambique, Polymer 20 Meticais, 2011 (P149) UNC

Issued in 2011 and printed on polymer plastic. Crisp Uncirculated.
Russia 250 Roubles 1917 P36 EF/EF+

Russia 250 Roubles 1917 P36 EF/EF+

These 250 roubles are dated 1917, the year the Russian Revolution dismantled the Tsarist regime. (P36) They were issued by the Soviet Government. The simple design has a double-headed eagle set against a swastika, at the time a symbol representing peace, rather than more sinister overtones that would come later in the 20th century. We offer this 250 roubles in EF/EF+

South Africa 20 Rand (2015) P139 Nelson Mandela Unc

These 20 rand notes from South Africa were issued in 2015 (P139b) They follow the design first introduced in 2012 but with added security features of omcron rings in the watermark area. The portrait of Nelson Mandela dominates the front while on the back an impressive head of an elephant is featured. The text is in English, Tswana and Southern Notebele. Uncirculated.