New Stock June 2024 (Banknotes)

A fresh batch of banknotes has been added to our website! This latest update features 18 different banknotes from various regions, including those from Britain, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Additionally, we are pleased to offer the new edition of the latest book on Guernsey Paper Money.

Make sure not to miss out, as there is limited stock availability!

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Armenia Noah’s Ark 500 dram Unc

Armenia Noah’s Ark 500 dram Unc

These 500 dram notes are dated 2017 (P60) They were issued by Armenia to commemorate the fact that ,according to the book of Genesis, Noah’s Ark came to rest after the flood on Mount Ararat. Although Mount Ararat lies within modern Turkey, Armenians considers it a sacred place. It is regarded as a national symbol; The front shows views of the snow-capped Mount Ararat and the Etchmiadzin Cathedral where a fragment of the Ark rests as a reliquary. The back shows Noah and his family emerging from the Ark flanked by animals. Uncirculated.
China Central Bank Of China 1 Yuan 1928 P195c Choice Unc

China Central Bank Of China 1 Yuan 1928 P195c Choice Unc

These 1 yuan notes,printed by the American Banknote Company and dated 1928, were issued by the Central Bank of China.(P195c) They are in Choice Uncirculated condition. The front has an ornate design while the back has a portrait of revered revolutionary Sun Yat Sen. Usual seen in scruffy condition, these are in wonderful condition.
Complete Malawi 20-5000 kwacha(8) Unc

Complete Malawi 20-5000 kwacha(8) Unc

A complete denomination set issued by Malawi between 2020 and 2021. Included in this colourful set are 8 denominations – 20,50,100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 kwacha.The fronts include portraits of Hastings Banda, Lazalo Jere, Philip Gomani II, James Sangala Rose Chibambo and John Chilembwe,The backs depict important buildings, grain silos Mulunguzi Dam and Kasunga National Park. Vibrant, Uncirculated and complete.
Cuba High Value Trio Unc_main

Cuba High Value Trio Unc

In recent years, Cuba has been issuing higher denomination notes. We recently purchased a trio of high values comprising the 200, 500 and 1000 pesos notes dated 2022-2023 (P-New). The fronts depict heroes of the revolution such as Frank Pais, Ignacio Agramonte and Julio Antonio Mella. The backs are illustrated with a meeting of the Constituent Assembly, a view of a school complex and the University of Havana. Crisp Uncirculated High Value Cuba (Limited availability).
Gibraltar Hassan £100 2015 Polymer Unc

Gibraltar Hassan £100 2015 Polymer Unc

This stunning £100 note was issued in 2015 and is the only polymer note issued by Gibraltar to date (P40) The front is dominated by a facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II while on the back we find a portrait of Sir Joshua Hassan. The note is dated 21st April 2015 which marked the centenary of his birth and was intended to commemorate his huge contribution to the creation of self-government in Gibraltar. He served 4 terms as Chief Minister and was the first Gibraltarian to assert that only the inhabitants of the Rock had the right to decide their future. For this reason, he is often referred to as Salvador or Saviour. A landmark note in polymer plastic and stunning to boot. Uncirculated.
Guernsey £10 P57 Haines Unc_main

Guernsey £10 P57 Haines Unc

A brand new catalogue of Guernsey notes has just been issued so what better time to offer a selection of Uncirculated Guernsey notes to our collectors!. On offer this issue are examples of the £5, £10 and £20 (P56-57) A mature facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is to the right on the fronts alongside a vignette of important buildings to be found on the island- The Town Church in St Peter Port, Elizabeth College and St James Concert Hall .Incredibly, the first time Her Majesty’s portrait appeared on Guernsey notes was only in 1996 On the backs, more important buildings are featured- the Hanois Lighthouse and Fort Grey, St Sampson’s Church, Les Niaux Watermill and Le Trepied Dolmen. All in all, a wonderful selection to add to your collection of Guernsey or even to start one!