New Stock June 2024

Summer has arrived, and with it comes a wave of excitement! We're delighted to unveil our latest additions to the June stock, meticulously curated to bring fresh and invigorating options to your collection.

We are featuring the George IV, Bare Head Halfcrown Very Good,was only issued from 1824-1829, after all his was a very short reign of only ten years. For coin enthusiasts, the allure of this sterling silver piece lies not only in its limited issuance but also in the rich history it represents. The coin's short production span makes it a prized addition to any collection, embodying a distinct era. Also, the Charles III, 2024 Royal Coat of Arms 1 ounce,this remarkable coin showcases a meticulous reinterpretation of The Royal Arms by the heraldic artist Timothy Noad. With a strictly limited mintage of just 100,000 coins globally, it stands as a rare and coveted piece for collectors. Furthermore, Charles III £2 2024 Beowulf & Grendel Silver Ounce, 1-ounce, 999 silver coin showcases an exquisitely crafted image of the legendary warrior Beowulf in a fierce battle with the menacing swamp monster Grendel.

In addition to these exciting new coins, we also invite you to explore our wide range of collectables, including British, world, medieval, hammered, and ancient coins, medals as well as first day covers.

Make sure not to miss out, as there is limited stock availability!

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2 Coin Set from Cambodia Uncirculated_main

2 Coin Set from Cambodia Uncirculated

This is an interesting set of 2 coins struck for only one year towards the end of the short reign of King Norodom Suramarit after the Kingdom of Cambodia withdrew from French Indochina in 1953. Although struck in aluminium, these beautiful coins come in Uncirculated condition. The obverse of the 20 sen shows 2 ceremonial bowls with sun, while that of the 50 sen features the kingdom’s royal coat of arms. The obverse of both has “Kingdom of Cambodia” in French as the outer legend, with the denomination inside a floral wreath.
Charles III £2 2024 Beowulf & Grendel Silver Ounce_obv

Charles III £2 2024 Beowulf & Grendel Silver Ounce

Just released and in stock is this new coin in the Myths and Legends series featuring Beowulf and Grendel. The 999 silver 1 ounce coin features a beautifully designed image featuring the fearsome warrior Beowulf battling the swamp monster Grendel. The obverse of the coin bears the portrait of King Charles III. This coin is inspired by Beowulf, the ancient epic poem originating from 700–1000 AD. The poem tells the tale of a fearsome warrior who comes to the aid of the King of the Danes, whose mead hall has been terrorised by the swamp monster Grendel for many years. After Beowulf battles and slays the monster, the poem continues with the hero defeating the mother of Grendel and a dragon before being crowned King of the Geats.
Charles III, 2024 Royal Coat of Arms 1 ounce_obv

Charles III, 2024 Royal Coat of Arms 1 ounce

The 2024 Royal Arms 1oz Silver Coin features a detailed reinterpretation of The Royal Arms by heraldic artist Timothy Noad and is limited to a mintage of only 100,000 coins worldwide. The design features a shield fl anked by the Lion of England and the Unicorn of Scotland, with a leek for Wales, a thistle for Scotland, a shamrock for Ireland, and a Tudor rose for England shown below.The obverse of the 2024 Royal Arms 1oz coin bears the portrait of King Charles III, designed by sculptor Martin Jennings and both sides of the coin show different background textures which is a new high security feature recently introduced by The Royal Mint. The price of silver has been rising rapidly recently and we have only been able to secure 100 of these coins at this price.
Cyprus, George V, 45 Piastres 1928, Very Fine_Obv

Cyprus, George V, 45 Piastres 1928, Very Fine

In all the time that the island nation of Cyprus issued coins, the only time they ever issued a crown was in 1928 under King George V. In all the time we have been in the coin business we never had more than 10 pieces at any one time. It has always been a scarce coin to get because it is highly desirable. The mintage was just 80,000 coins and it has always been Scarce. We managed to buy a group from a jeweller who accumulated them over many years. So we can offer them to you at prices you would usually expect for a dealer to pay.
Debased Gold Dinar of Gangeyadeva_obv

Debased Gold Dinar of Gangeyadeva

We have a small group of these interesting debased gold dinars of Gangeyadeva who was a ruler of the Kalachuri dynasty of Tripuri in central India from 1015-1040 AD. The obverse depicts Lakshmi (Shri), seated cross-legged with four arms, holding lotus flowers in her upper arms. She is one of the principal goddesses in Hinduism being the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, beauty, fertility and prosperity. The reverse legend in three lines reads “srimad gangeya devah’ in Nagari. The coins weigh around 3.8g and are in wonderful condition considering their age. A very affordable ancient gold coin which would also make great gifts.
Difficult 1919 KN Penny Fine_obv

Difficult 1919 KN Penny Fine

During World War One, known as The Great War, the Royal Mint was so busy with the war effort that they did not have the time or facilities to make all the pennies that were required for circulation, so they asked two private mints in Birmingham to strike pennies for them in 1918 and 1919. The coins from the Heaton Mint carry an ‘H’ mint mark and the King’s Norton Mint coins carry a ‘KN’ mint mark. The mint marks are to the left of and just above the date on the pennies. The coins on offer are in Fine condition and a stark reminder of what happens when we are at war.
Edward VII Farthings by Date

Edward VII Farthings by Date

During the reign of King Edward VII, the smallest denomination that was regularly struck for circulation was the bronze Farthing. Many of the dates are difficult to get and all the coins listed are in Fine condition. But supplies are very limited.
From £4.95
Edward VII, Farthing 1903 Fine

Edward VII, Farthing 1903 Fine

1903 Bronze Farthing in Fine
ETHIOPIA CENT / Santeem 1944 BU_obv

ETHIOPIA CENT / Santeem 1944 BU

This small brass coin in Brilliant Uncirculated condition was issued in Ethiopia during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie and bears his image on one side and the Lion of Judah on the other. It is dated 1936 in the Ethiopian Ge’ez calendar, which is 1944 in the Gregorian calendar. Despite this, not all were minted that year as there were subsequent issues in 1967 and 1973, but with the same date. Haile Selassie himself was deposed in 1974 and is believed to have been murdered in prison the following year. In the Rastafari movement, he is regarded the returned messiah of the Bible.