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2023 Charles III Britannia Choice BU_obv

Charles III, £2 Britannia 2023 Choice BU

We have just had our order in from the Royal Mint, we were one of the first to order so the coins we received were early strike Gem Uncirculated coins. Each Silver Britannia contains one ounce of pure Silver and has a nominal face value of £2. These are the first of a whole new series and you really should have one or more in your collection. Beautiful early strikes of the New King Charles III Silver Britannia, priced at £48.50. The King is bare-headed and his name is in English and not in Latin. We can also offer the last Queen Elizabeth II Silver Britannia in (2023) Choice uncirculated, not an easy coin to find…

Charles III, Sovereign (Memorial) 2022 Brilliant Unc

We have just had our first delivery of the NEW King Charles III Gold Sovereign. They were issued to honour his late Mother Queen Elizabeth II. The Mint has had some problems getting the gold blanks to strike them and has just released the first wholesale quantities. Each coin is struck in Choice Brilliant Uncirculated condition. These are early strikes and just beautiful examples. We have added just 15% to our wholesale cost to cover overheads. We understand just how important this first-ever King Charles III Gold Sovereign is to collectors. Remember you are getting early strikes in superb condition. We think that at 15% above our wholesale cost, it is about as low as we can go and still stay in business. We have had our first allocation of just 100 Gold Sovereigns, and we will no doubt get more later. But they won’t necessarily be early strikes. Get them now, it is the first King Charles III Gold Sovereign of what we hope will be a long and fascinating series.

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