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Charles III, Half Sovereign (Coronation) 2023 Brilliant Unc_obv

Charles III, Half Sovereign (Coronation) 2023 Brilliant Unc

The Mint has sold out of all their Proof coins so they have now released the bullion or Brilliant Uncirculated examples. We were able to get an early strike choice examples to offer our collectors. Each of the BU coins is struck to the high standard that we have come to expect from Royal Mint coins. They are struck in 22ct gold and they are well worth having. We know you will be pleased with the quality.
Charles III, 2023 Coronation Half Sovereign Proof_obv

Charles III, Half Sovereign (Coronation) 2023 Proof

We have offered the Coronation Half Sovereign before but only in Uncirculated condition. We have just been able to buy 20 examples in Proof condition in the Royal Mint packaging. The mintage as a single coin is just 5,405 coins as the certificate states but only 2,500 available in this packaging. Remember this will be the only gold half sovereign where the King is wearing his crown. It is a very important one year type coin. And while the Royal Mint has long sold out, we are offering the 20 coins we were able to buy at the Official Mint issue price!
Charles III, 2023 Coronation Quarter Sovereign Proof_obv

Charles III, Quarter Sovereign (Coronation) 2023 Proof

This is the first time we have had the Coronation Quarter Sovereign for sale and better yet the coins are in brilliant Proof condition. This will be the only quarter sovereign to show the King wearing his crown and thus a very important one-year type coin. The coins come in the Royal Mint wooden case as an issue and with the official certificate as issue. These are brand new as issued. The mintage of single-proof coins is just 4,655 with only 1,750 available in this packaging and better yet, we are offering them at the official Royal Mint issue price!
Charles III, 2022 Quarter Sovereign Memorial Proof_obv

Charles III, Quarter Sovereign (Memorial) 2022 Proof

These are the first of the 2022 Memorial Quarter Sovereigns that we have been able to offer you our collectors. Better yet, they are Proof in the Royal Mint packaging. The certificate states that there is a maximum mintage of 6,480 pieces but only 3,000 in this packaging. It is one that has everything going for it. It comes in its own handsome wooden case of issue and is struck in Proof 22ct Gold. Remember the mintage is just 6,480 single coins and our price is the same as the Mint’s original issue price!
2023 Charles III Coronation Sovereign Brilliant Unc_obv

Charles III, Sovereign (Coronation) 2023 Brilliant Unc

This is one of the first, and only, gold coins of Charles III to be struck featuring the official crowned ‘Coronation’ portrait designed by Martin Jennings. Each of the coins is struck in 22ct gold to the highest standards that we have come to expect from the Royal Mint.
Charles III 2023 Gold Sovereign Proof_obv

Charles III, Sovereign (Crowned) 2023 Proof

This is the first ever King Charles III Gold Sovereign depicting the King wearing a crown. We also understand that it will be the only one, the next issue will be different, in that the King will not be wearing a crown. This is a very important type of coin and one you should have in your collection. The mintage is just 15,000 coins and the Royal Mint has announced that the coin has now SOLD OUT! We got in early, but even the small number we were allocated has almost run out. Our coins are Choice Proofs in the original Royal Mint packaging and they are the first King Charles III Gold Sovereign to be struck. Prices have already gone up and, as collectors realise that they need this coin for their collections, they are likely to go up even more. We do not sell anything as an investment but we think this a good coin.