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Coincraft's 'Telling History with Money' - The Battle of Teutoburg Forest
With a recent show coming up centered around the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, which will depict this disaster from a new angle, Josh thought it might be a good idea to offer you an ancient coin minted around this time from each Emperor involved in the battle that later became known as the Varian Disaster. But be advised that this post might contain spoilers for those of you watching the show (if the show is based on actual history). And also that by the time you read this, the coins might already be gone...
Online Newsletter 20 March 2020
No. 28 was the last newsletter sent to our collectors just before the lockdown imposed by the government on the 23rd of March. Some of the items promoted on this Newsletter were an Ian Rank-Broadley Sovereign, a George V Sterling Silver Crown, a Quintillus Billon Antoninianus, and a Melbourne Young Head Sovereign. As a featured item, we suggested an 1887 Shilling.
Online Newsletter 13 March 2020
Just before the lockdown began we sent out a newsletter to our collectors advising them to stay at home on a Friday 13th. Little did we know that within a matter of days the whole country would go into lockdown. Some of the items featured in this newsletter were a 1951 Festival of Britain Crown with Stamps, a 1925 RARE Threepence, a 1945 Florin, a Constantius II Follis, Choice Licinius coins from a London Treasure, a 1920 Silver Set, and an Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus for good luck!
Online Newsletter 6th March 2020
The first newsletter of March 2020 featured mostly British coins. Amongst the items of the March update were an Edward I Treasure Penny from the London Mint, 1787 Sixpence, an Edward VII Shiling from 1902, a mint darkened farthing from 1916 and a world war I coin set.
Banknotes Product Update 14th February 2020 - 'Round' the World in Banknotes
On 14th February 2020, we announced the awaited return of the 'Round' the World in Banknotes catalogue. This new list includes banknotes from 233 countries. In this banknote dedicated newsletter, we present a few highlights of the 2020 catalogue.
New Stock February 2020
February brought our collectors some very exciting news! If you haven't had the chance to come to the shop or meet us in person, you'll be happy to know that you can now get to know us a little bit better on our recently published news page, which is a compilation of everything that has been said about us in the press over the last decade or so. Claire and Natalia have been working hard to put together the second edition of the 'Round the World in Banknotes' and we are glad to announce that all the notes of the catalogue are now live on our website. And yes, you've guessed it! We also had new items for you to add to your collection. A 1999 £5 Silver Proof Millennium, a 1944 Sixpence in Choice UNC, a 1994 Silver Proof 'Scottish' Pound and a Charlie Chaplin Crown were just some of the new items published.
Banknotes Product Update 05th February 2020
Occasionally we send out a newsletter dedicated to Banknote collectors, this one was the first one of February. Inside, you'll find Banknotes from Austria, UK, Russia, Indonesia and even a trio of banknotes from Biafra. If you're a banknote collector don't forget to tick 'Banknotes' under the category interests of our newsletter sign up form. This will ensure that you are one of the first collectors to find out when new stock is uploaded to our website.
Online Newsletter 31st January 2020
On the day that the UK officially left the EU, we uploaded new stock to our website. Plenty of interesting items on this stock upload, such as a 1973 UK entry to the ECC 50p coin, a 2017 £5 King Canute Silver Proof coin, a 2019 Britannia with oriental Design, a Goridan Billon Silver Antoninianus, and a Pizza Coin from the Solomon Islands. See if there's anything you fancy!
Online Newsletter 17th January 2020
The first stock update of 2020 came a little later than we had hoped for, but it did bring with it some amazing items. While one of the most impressive might have been the Victorian Old Head Sovereign, we also had other interesting items such as a 1902 Edward VII Silver Crown, a George V Hafcrown and a Billon Silver Antoninianus, from the rebel emperor Postumus.
20 Bestsellers List – New Product Update 17 December 2019
A top 20 list with our bestselling items for 2019.