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Coin Collecting Tips: Anne 1714 Farthing
Learn more about the 1714 Farthing, a rare coin issued in the year of Queen Anne's death, a coin which many consider to be a pattern...
Coin Collecting Tips: Charles II Shilling
Learn more about the Charles II Shilling series, a notoriously difficult to collect series. Find out what to look for when collecting the series and acquire an example.
Coin Collecting Tips: George IV Halfcrown
Learn more about the history of the design of George IV Halfcrowns and look at an 1826 breathtaking Proof.
Coin Collecting Tips: George II Sixpence
Learn more about George II Sixpences, including what provenance marks to look for at what condition to aim for when trying to assemble a collection.
Coin Collecting Tips: James II Crowns
Find out what to look for before acquiring a James II crown and what to expect when assembling a set either by date or by type.
Coin Collecting Tips: Charles I (1625-1649) Tower Mint Crown
Learn more about Charles I Tower Mint Crowns, including what to look for when acquiring an example and what condition to aim for.
Coin Collecting Tips: William & Mary (1688 – 1694) Halfcrowns
Learn more about William & Mary Halfcrowns, including scarce dates, and what variations to look for. Acquire an example on our website!
Coin Collecting Tips: Edward II (1307 - 1327) Pennies
Learn more about Edward II Pennies, including what grades you should aim for, and how they should look like. Discover the history of the coinage and acquire an example!
Shove Ha’ penny – Rules and Coins (no Board)
Shove Halfpenny or shove ha'penny is a pub game in the shuffleboard family, that used to be very popular in the UK. Two players or teams compete against one another using coins on a tabletop board.
Easter Treasure Hunt
Easter Treasure Hunt Challenge – find the hidden items the Easter Bunny has hidden on our website.