Zimbabwe, 1c 1997 BU

In the years since its creation in 1980, the Zimbabwe dollar has been a byword for economic instability and hyperinflation, having been re-denominated four times since then. However, this was not the case in the early years. This 1 cent coin dated 1997, made of bronze-plated steel, was minted in 1997 and came just before the first major currency crash later that same year. These uncirculated coins show the Great Zimbabwe Bird, or bateleur eagle on the obverse and the leaves of the flame lily on the reverse.
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Morocco, bi-metallic 10 Dirham 2019 Unc

The coins of Morocco are very hard to get as they won’t let you take them out of the country. One of our contacts brought these to us. They are the bi-metallic 10 Dirham coins of 2019. They feature the King on one side and a castle on the other side. Not an easy coin to find and our supplies are very limited. If you collect bi-metallic coins it could be one that you are missing. They are Uncirculated and very difficult to find, outside of Morocco.
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Having been to Nepal we can tell you that getting any coins is almost impossible in your change. The face value is so low that it costs more to strike the coins than you can spend them for. So we were very excited when we were offered a set of seven Uncirculated coins from Nepal. Six of them are struck in aluminium and the other in gold-coloured metal. You get 1, 2, 5, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Paisa. They have a crown, ox, horse, trident with sun and moon, and other symbols on the coins, most are from about 20-30 years ago. They are almost impossible to find in Nepal, but you can find them in London. You get all seven different Uncirculated coins! Try finding them elsewhere...
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In 2012 Zambia issued new coins that came into circulation from January 1, 2013, and are still in use today. There are 3 coins in this particular set and all have the national coat of arms on the obverse and native fauna on the reverse. The 5 ngwee has the Zambezi Indigo bird, the 50 ngwee shows an African elephant and the 1 kwacha has a Zambian Barbet. All 3 coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.