Zimbabwe 10 Trillion Dollars P88 Unc

Zimbabwe 10 trillion dollars 2008 P88 Green Matapos Rocks at r/Building and Zimbabwe ruins Unc
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In 2008 the Zimbabwe economy was in freefall. This is perfectly illustrated by the 10 trillion dollar note on offer now. Yes- that’s 10,000,000,000,000 dollars! (P88) They were issued for a matter of months because the Zimbabwe dollar was revalued 1 trillion to one before finally being ditched altogether in 2009. A relic of a crazy time Zimbabwe 10 trillion dollars at just £8.50 each
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Picture of United States of America, Trump 2nd Amendment Medal

United States of America, Trump 2nd Amendment Medal

This Donald Trump piece is rather controversial. The reverse shows two weapons one a rifle and the other what looks like a heavy gun. The legend reads ‘The 2nd Amendment will never be repealed- Donald J. Trump’. This refers to the 2nd Constitutional Amendment in the United States, which allows its citizens to carry arms. It is that law that allows Americans to arm themselves and protect their property. But there is a strong feeling against it, because of all the shootings that happen in the United States. On the obverse you have Trump facing left and the legend ‘Freedom – In God We Trust -2018’. The reverse has two guns. A most controversial piece, while we think that they should have the right to have guns, we think that perhaps some of the larger guns should not be so readily available to almost anyone. This piece is crownsized struck in a Prooflike goldine material and comes in a protective capsule. We will let you make up your own minds, but this piece is likely to cause some rather ‘interesting’ discussions.
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