George V, World War One Silver & Bronze set

We have put together some sets of coins that were struck and used during World War I. That means they were struck between 1914-1918 and that the silver coins are struck in Sterling Silver. Each set contains a Sterling Silver Halfcrown, Florin, Shilling, Sixpence and Threepence of King George V plus a bronze Penny, Halfpenny and Farthing.
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Set of coins struck and used during WWI including:

  1. Halfcrown (Sterling Silver) diameter: 32.30 mm
  2. Florin (Sterling Silver) diameter: 28.30 mm
  3. Shilling (Sterling Silver) diameter: 23.50 mm
  4. Sixpence (Sterling Silver) diameter: 19.50 mm
  5. Threepence (Sterling Silver) diameter: 16.00 mm
  6. Penny (Bronze) diameter: 30.80 mm
  7. Halfpenny (Bronze) diameter: 25.00 mm
  8. Farthing (Bronze) diameter: 20.19 mm

Affordable coins for coin collectors (no fancy case)

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