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Germany, Panhard-Levassor Brass Token_obv

Germany, Panhard-Levassor Brass Token

Well actually own a jetton with the picture of a 1906 Panhard-Levassor car on it. It was made by DeDion & Bouton (1883-1932). It is an open top model with four seats and a rather handsome car. This brass jetton or token has the Panhard-Levassor on one side and a smiling sun on the other side. They are in Uncirculated condition and rather hard to find. They were made in Nuremburg, Germany, about the time the car was made. Not many in stock, and there are many car enthusiasts who will want one.
Picture of Hacienda Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas) Free Play Token

Hacienda Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas) Free Play Token

These crownsized aluminium pieces were used in Las Vegas, Nevada some 40-50 years ago. They were issued by the Hacienda Hotel Casino & Camperland. They were used by the ‘house’ when things were slow, a member of staff would sit down and play with these, in order to get things moving. They have a picture of the hotel which was demolished years ago on one side Free Play Token on the otherside. They have been used but we would grade them Extremely Fine. We believe these are quite difficult to get these days...
Picture of India, Pair of Bombay Mint Canteen Tokens

India, Pair of Bombay Mint Canteen Tokens

Two canteen tokens of 5 and 10 denomination.
Oval Mother of Pearl Token_obv

Oval Mother of Pearl Token

These Mother of Pearl tokens were made in the Far East for use in Europe. They were made as gaming counters and they date from the early to mid 1800s. Each one is hand engraved and there are two different shapes and sizes. We first had some of these a few years ago and they went quickly, so if you are interested, please get in quickly.
Toulouse - floral games jeton 1819_obv

Toulouse - floral games jeton 1819.

Silver 35mm by Dubois. Obv. Veiled bust, lyre behind. Rev. bouquet of flowers. Uncirculated
United States of America, Olympia Beer Token_obv

United States of America, Olympia Beer Token

This florin sized token in copper was issued in 1968 by the Cincinnati Group of Companies. It was to advertise their Beer, Olympia. It is in uncirculated condition with a little toning in areas. It is an American advertising token that we have not seen before. The drink industry is known for its advertising give-aways and this is certainly one for your collection. Supplies are limited!

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