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Picture of Belgium Medal for Labour Service

Belgium Medal for Labour Service

Another fascinating offering for our growing band of medal collectors: This medal was issued by the Belgian state for 30 years labour service to Industry. First instituted in 1847, The medal has a Red, White and Blue ribbon, with the oval shaped medal on a swivel suspender below an ornate crown. The medal has a central gilded design of industrial emblems surrounded by an enameled wreath and an inscription in both French and Flemish which translates as ' Skill and Morality'. All the medals in this group have original ribbons and we only a few left, so please order early. From previous experience we know these will sell out rapidly.
Picture of Belgium, Triangular World War I Commemorative Medal

Belgium, Triangular World War I Commemorative Medal

A triangular-shaped commemorative World War I medal, with a soldier wearing a helmet. The medal has a Red, orange and black ribbon.
Picture of Belgium, Victory Medal World War II

Belgium, Victory Medal World War II

War II medal featuring a Lion in very high relief over ‘V’ for victory. The ribbon is yellow, black and white
Picture of Belgium, World War I Fire Medal

Belgium, World War I Fire Medal

World War One, Cross of Fire medallion. Helmet over bayonet with small artillery gun. With red and blue ribbon.
Picture of Greece,  Armed Forces World War II Medal 1940-41

Greece, Armed Forces World War II Medal 1940-41

This is an interesting medal for our growing band of collectors of war medals. An original medal issued to members of the Greek armed forces during the Second World War. These pieces should be of great interest to collectors, as due to the comparatively smaller numbers issued they are not so often seen or offered for sale! The number of pieces available is quite limited, and we are now offering them at a very reasonable price.
Indian Sainya Seva Medal with Clasp_obv

Indian Sainya Seva Medal with Clasp

Instituted on 26 January 1960 by the Government of India, it was awarded to the Indian Armed Forces in recognition of non-operational service under conditions of hardship and severe climate in specified areas. The medals were all named to the recipient on the rim and were awarded together with a clasp on which is inscribed the place where the service was rendered. There are seven different clasps as follows: Jammu and Kashmir, NorthEast Frontier Agency (NEFA), Himalaya, Bengal-Assam, Andaman and Nicobar, Marusthal and the 6 Year Sea Service clasp. The medal is struck in cupro-nickel and hangs from a suspension bar, to which the clasps are mounted. The obverse depicts Nanda Devi, the second highest mountain in India, with bamboo in the foreground. The reverse depicts one of the gates of Purana Qila, one of the oldest forts in Delhi. Above is inscribed the words Sainya Seva Medal in Hindi script. The ribbon of the medal is saffron in colour with single vertical stripes of white and dark green. Each medal comes with a card to say who it was awarded to and the regiment in which they served and also the identification of the clasp for the theatre of service.
Picture of Italy, World War II Star Medal

Italy, World War II Star Medal

This is a World War II award for service personnel serving in Italy between the 11th of June 1943 and May 1945. You had to serve at least six months in order to qualify for the Italy Star. It is made of brass and has a red, white and green ribbon and has the crowned cipher of King George VI. These are originals and NOT reproductions. They were actually handed out to our brave individuals after the Second World War. Very emotive and complete with the red, white and green ribbon. It has been quite some time since we were last able to offer this World War II gallantry award. Supplies are definitely limited.
Picture of Medal from the Republic of Zaire

Medal from the Republic of Zaire

Bronze medal with ribbon.
Pakistan_10 Years Service Medal_obv

Pakistan, 10 Years Service Medal

Another offering from the Pakistan medal series which have been extremely popular with our collectors. This time we offer the Army Long Service Medal awarded to members of the armed forces in recognition of ten years service. The medal is struck in cupro-nickel with a purple and white striped ribbon. The obverse shows a five-pointed star within a wreath and the reverse has the number 10 in Arabic numerals within a circle.

Pakistan, Independence Golden Jubilee Medal

A very attractive and colourful medal from the Pakistan medal series. This medal was issued in 1997 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee (50 Years) of Independence from India which was formally recognised on 15 August 1947. The obverse of the medal shows the crescent and five-pointed star symbolising progress and light with the date 1947 above and 1997 below suspended from a bar with the legend ‘Pakistan Independence’ in Urdu. The reverse is inscribed ‘50th Anniversary’ in Urdu characters within a circle. The ribbon is very colourful with red, pink, green and gold stripes. A great addition for your collection.
Picture of Serbian Eagle Badge

Serbian Eagle Badge

This is one that we just found in one of our warehouses. It was issued 1992-5 for the soldiers in the Bosnian-Serb Army. During the Civil War those who felt for Serbia rather than Yugoslavia wore these badges with pride. You have the crowned double headed eagle with a red and white badge across its chest. There is a screw fastening with the name ‘Picado Company’ on the back. We thought we were out of them and would never see them again, but we did find 65 pieces. Get them while you can…
Picture of Switzerland, Shooting Festival Medal

Switzerland, Shooting Festival Medal

For Centuries the Swiss have had shooting festivals, do you remember William Tell, his son and the apple? There were many shooting festivals all over Switzerland and it was with great pride when someone won one of the contests. The cost of producing these medallions is quite high as is the prestige of winning one of them. If you won a shooting festival you were presented with a medal on a ribbon and that is what we are offering here. There are a number of different designs and years, the ones on offer are from about 1949-1970. The medal supplied may be different from those illustrated. 20th century shooting competition medal from around 1949-1970
Syria, Order for Bravery_obv

Syria, Order for Bravery

Instituted on 20 July 1964 and amended in 1976 to be extended to civilians and foreigners. This is awarded to members of the armed forces for courage and valour during military operations. It may also be awarded for more generalized courage of exceptional service in the public interest. This is the 3rd Class of the order awarded to enlisted personnel. The design is a gilt eight-pointed star with a circular central medallion showing a horseman charging left brandishing a sabre with Arabic script and green enamelled wreaths below. The reverse of the medal is blank and it is suspended from a wreathed loop with a red, white and blue ribbon with a pin attached for wearing. Unusual and never offered before.
United States of America, National Defence Service Medal_obv

United States of America, National Defence Service Medal

The National Defence Service Medal (NDSM) is a service award of the United States Armed Forces established by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953. It is awarded to every member of the US Armed Forces who has served during any one of four specified periods of armed conflict or national emergency from 1950 to the present. To date, the NDSM has been awarded for four specific time periods, which roughly correspond to the Korean (1950-1954), Vietnam (1961-1974) and Gulf (1990-1995) wars as well as the Global War on Terrorism (2001 to date). The Medal shows a North American bald eagle perched on a sword and palm with the inscription NATIONAL DEFENSE above. The reverse shows a shield taken from the coat of arms of the United States within an open wreath of oak and laurel leaves. The ribbon has a wide yellow stripe in the centre, flanked by narrow stripes of red, white, blue, and wide red stripes. The medals are as issued, mounted on a card with the dress ribbon bar also attached. The Bronze Stars sold out very quickly in the last issue so get in quick to secure this one.