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Elvis Presley Medallion_obv

Elvis Presley Medallion

Elvis Presley 1935-1977 was one of the most important influences on our modern music. We think he was ‘Fab’ and many of us here in Coincraft loved most of his music, that was until his movies changed that. Some of these were probably a bit rushed. This crownsized medallion is flashed with gold. On one side you have a close up with the legend ‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ with a facsimile signature. The other side has Elvis with guitar swinging away with ‘Elvis Presley’ and the dates 1935-1977. Each medal comes in a protective plastic capsule, limit five per collector at this price.
Picture of France, Christine of France Medallion by Dupre, 1637. Very Rare

France, Christine of France Medallion by Dupre, 1637. Very Rare

Uniface Bronze Medallion of Christine of France, Duchess of Savoy (1606-63), 1637 by Abraham Dupre (102.8 mm dia.)
2001 United Nations Art Medallion_obv

United Nations Art Medallion 2001

This is a fantastic piece of the engravers art. On one side you have an ear of corn in both matt and brilliant surface. The reverse has a calendar in a number of different languages for 2001. It was issued by the United Nations in Italy as an art medallion and to raise money for their works. It measures 80mm and is a very heavy bronze piece. It is high relief and would make an outstanding paperweight. After all not all that many people can have one. Choice, large and handsome.